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Category: General
Subject: New Lore Documents & Playable Culture: The Inyexat
Author: GS4-Xynwen
Date: 2023/01/11

The Inyexat are the forest gnomes living in Atan Irith, and after a few decades watching the erithi interact with the rest of Elanthia, they are finally coming public and sharing more information. Any adventuring Inyexat who have been hiding under the guise of another culture may come out of hiding, should they so choose.

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Choosing the Inyexat culture:

  • All existing forest gnome PCs will be granted a one-time culture reset on their next log-in, allowing players to change their forest gnomes to Inyexat if they so choose

Other Inyexat titles:

  • Child of the Starlit Wilds: Must be an Inyexat with a minimum of 50 ranks Mental Lore, Divination
  • Star-Spear: Must be an Inyexat warrior or monk of at least level 50
  • Star-Evoker: Must be an Inyexat wizard who has mastered both General Alchemy and Alchemy Potions

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New forest gnome culture and lore documents - the Inyexat