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Category: General
Subject: Rumor Woods 2023 - Just Around the Corner!
Author: GS4-Thandiwe
Date: 6/1/2023

Rumor Woods begins 6/16/2023 with the theme the Rolton vs. the Wolf.

We have the following exciting announcements regarding this year's offerings:

As part of the five-year anniversary, we are making all past rare mounts completely available for anyone to purchase. Outside of an anniversary event, this will be the last time for many of these animals.

  • There will be a flare merchant that will aid you in adding flares to your items. He will have the following flare tokens available: common flare tokens for 50 raikhen (fire, cold, lightning, impact, and vacuum), uncommon flare tokens for 50 raikhen (disintegrate, disruption, unbalance, grapple, acid, plasma, steam, water, air), and rare flare tokens for 50 raikhen (slash, puncture, and crush).
    • As a reminder anything 7x enchanted and lower, with 10 CER or less, that is devoid of combat scripts will be half cost going forward.
  • New Pet for Year of the Rolton - Lamb
  • New Document - Roltons, Wools, and Cheeses of the Land
  • New Mounts - Roltons, Sheep, and Goats
  • New Horse Nouns - rouncey, destrier, palfrey, jennet, field hunter, hobby, gaited horse, draught horse, light horse, saddle horse, quarter horse
  • Mount Travel Updates
    • Realm Travel Refreshes at Midnight
    • New Unlock to allow for 2x a day travel
  • Custom Expansion: Sanctuary and Mana Bread now have the ability to have more than 1! You can now keep access to Multiple Mana Bread Customizations & Major Sanctuary as these have been moved to the same system as Death Message Customs.
  • Mount Containers - Mounts can now wear two containers (max).
  • Private Property Shop - Details Coming Soon & it will be a delayed open.
  • Lofts! Lofts will be available to be purchased this year. You must own a stable in order to purchase one.
  • New Stable! Brisker's Cove is being added to Fast Travel as its new stables are being released.

This year's Titles

  • 100 (wins) of Rolton - Shepard/ess of the Tranquil Flock
  • 500 (wins) of Rolton - Knight of the Arctic Glade
  • 100 (wins) of Wolf - Protector of the Universal Pack
  • 500 (wins) of Wolf - Knight of the Frigid Timberland
  • If the rolton is Victor, people who ran rolton get Cupbearer of the Divine Fleece
  • If the rolton is Victor, people who ran wolf get Discarded of the Divine Fleece
  • If the wolf is Victor, people who ran wolf get Alpha Among the Ferocious Pack
  • If the wolf is Victor, people who ran rolton get Zeta Among the Ferocious Pack


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