Announcement: The Chroniclers of Lore Present - Holidays of Elanthia - Estival/Summer

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Category: General
Subject: New Lore Document: Estival/Summer Holidays
Date: 2024-06-18

Celebrate. Honor. Remember. Connect.

A new document has been released outlining the estival/summer holidays of Elanthia!
Wiki Link: Elanthian Holidays
Direct Seasonal Link: Elanthian Holidays/Estival Holidays

Heartfelt THANK YOUs to the following writers for helping shape our world: GMs Casil (Ta'Vaalor), Elysani (Elves, Kraken's Fall, Ta'Loenthra, Ta'Nalfein), Gyres (Half-Elves), Marstreforn (Zul Logoth), Thandiwe (Voln, Brisker's Cove, Giantkin, and Marshtown), Xeraphina (Aelotoi), Xynwen (Erithi, Inyexat, Flotilla, Wyrdeep, River's Rest, Dhe'nar, Forest Gnomes, and Faendryl).

We hope you enjoy them!


New holiday document released for the estival/summer season!