Elanthian Holidays

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Elanthian Holidays is an Official GemStone IV Document, and it is protected from editing.

A gathering of Elanthian holidays.

Holidays of Elanthia

Celebrate. Honor. Remember. Connect.

These are but a handful of the reasons why people gather and how ceremonies, holidays, and celebrations are formed. Throughout Elanthia, there are numerous such gatherings. Traditions are formed around commonalities, and these can be geographically inclined, family-based, or important to those of particular cultures or races. Some even seem to carry across all these lines with at least recognition for a handful of holidays and important dates.

Throughout 5124, seasonal compilations of celebrations and holidays will be released. As with most things, there may be individuals, even large groups of individuals, who do not ascribe to their particular group's preferred celebrations and holidays, and there will always be people who celebrate in their own way and style. These compilations then, serve as a repository of information, but one should not assume an individual would adhere to this practice simply because their town or race does.

Holidays by Season

OOC Information/Notes

  • This is a "living" document, so holidays and celebrations may be added as additional lore is written
    • In addition, we recognize there may be holidays, celebrations, and seasonal ceremonies codified in other documentation. While we attempted to ensure we did not contradict any of these previously released items, we may not have all of them listed here. Players are welcome to use either the "TALK" section of this document or the Discord forum discussion link provided in the announcement to identify ones that may need to be added (include a link to the originating official documentation)
  • Project Leads: APM Thandiwe and GM Elysani
  • Vernal Holiday Information:
    • Contributing Writers: GMs Casil (Ta'Vaalor and Elves), Elysani (Elves, Ta'Illistim, Ta'Nalfein, Kraken's Fall, Icemule), Gyres (Half-Elves), Marstreforn (Dwarves), Thandiwe (Humans, Giantkin, Vornavis), Xeraphina (Aelotoi and Cysaegir), and Xynwen (Erithi, Evashiran, Inyexat, River's Rest, Burghal Gnomes) with contributions from GM Quilic (Iyo).
    • Publication Date: March 2024