Armored Fluidity

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Armored Fluidity
Mnemonic [fluidity]
Type Passive Buff
Requirements None
Available To Paladins
Available In Armor Specializations
Rank Square
1 10  
2 15 
3 20 
4 25 
5 30


Adjusts a person's armor so that they can cast spells more easily while wearing it.


Reduces spell failure chance by 10% of the base spell failure chance per rank (all fractions dropped).

Additional Information

The reduction maxes out at 50% at rank 5. This enhancement does not stack with Faith's Clarity (1612).

Wearers of normal clothing, robes, light leather and full leather will not benefit from fluidity since these coverages do not resist the casting of magic spells.

Armor Adjustment Procedure

It is a very simple procedure for a paladin to adjust an individual's armor. Just type: ARMOR FLUIDITY <PERSON> (not case sensitive).


Adjusting the armor
>armor fluidity milque
You adjust Milque's gold chainmail kirtle, making it easier for her to cast spells.
Roundtime: 5 sec.
Enhancement wearing off
Your gold chainmail kirtle shifts out of place and feels much less comfortable than before.
Ending of the specialization
As you remove your gold chainmail kirtle, it falls out of alignment.

Calculations and Examples

Each rank in armored fluidity reduces the caster's spell hindrance by 10% of the spell circle's base hindrance. To determine the base spell hindrance you need to find the value on the spell hindrance table where the armor worn by the caster intersects with the spell circle being cast. For example, the base hindrance value at the intersection of brigandine armor (AsG 12) and the minor elemental (MnE) spell circle is 7. It is important to note that the armored fluidity benefit is calculated from the spell circle's base hindrance and not the caster's actual hindrance.

Calculation of spell hindrance reduction:

trunc( base hindrance * armored fluidity percentage )

Example I:

Base hindrance: 7%
Armored Fluidity Rank 3: .3 (30%)
Spell hindrance reduction: trunc(7 * .3) = 2% reduction
7 - 2 = 5 (new spell hindrance is 5%, down from 7%)

Example II:

Base hindrance: 20%
Armored Fluidity Rank 5: .5 (50%)
Spell hindrance reduction: trunc(20 * .5) = 10% reduction
20 - 10 = 10 (new spell hindrance is 10%, down from 20%)

Example III:

Base hindrance: 20%
Actual hindrance: 25%
Armored Fluidity Rank 5: .5 (50%)
Spell hindrance reduction: trunc(20 * .5) = 10% reduction
25 - 10 = 15 (new spell hindrance is 15%, down from 25%)


The duration for all general specializations, including armored fluidity, is 4 hours or until the armor is removed. This duration can be refreshed.

Note: Only one general specialization can be used at a time.

Cumulative Armor Use Table

Armored Fluidity Base Spell Hindrance Reduction Armor Use Ranks Armor Use Skill
Rank 1 10% 20 90
Rank 2 20% 50 150
Rank 3 30% 90 190
Rank 4 40% 140 240
Rank 5 50% 200 300