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Storyline Icemule Renaissance
The Uncertain Times
Gender Male
Race Halfling
Status Dead
Hometown Icemule Trace
Affiliation(s) Zeban

Aranabas was a simple farmer in the north, until one night his body was taken over by Zeban, the fallen lich. The merge was not without it’s drawbacks as the body of Arnabas changed into a hideous misshapen form.


You see Arnabas, the Demilich.
His form was once that of a halfling, but it is hideously misshapen.
Ragged hanks of thin black hair sprout from a balding pate covered in sores and liver spots.  One of his eyes is filmed over and the other is a lightless black sphere too large for its socket.  His limbs are thin and spindly, and his left arm bends oddly.  There is a sagging, slumping unevenness to his musculature that makes him look like a half-spent candle slumping in on itself.  His maw is wide and red, and he has fangs like a bat's.
He is holding a blood red thornwood runestaff in the remains of his right hand.
He is clad in the tattered remains of a farmer's homespun clothing and a ruined black cape.