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Duskruin Arena will begin Friday, August 13th at 9pm Eastern.

SHOP LISTING MOVED TO Bloodriven Village.

Duskruin News & Teasers, Duskruin Primer, August Treasure Trove Information and High End Scrip Shop Listings

Without End...

Test your strength and wits in the new endless mode of the renowned Duskruin Arena. Wave after wave, until you can take no more!


Beginning Friday, August 13th and continuing through Tuesday, August 31st!

Duskruin Begins on August 13th at 9:00PM (ET)!


Duskruin Arena premiered in 2015 as the first "unattended" pay quest, meaning no GM intervention was required to start the quest. Players purchased entry from the SimuCoin Store for 100 SimuCoins. The event is free to watch.

During the quest players accumulate "bloodscrip" (similar to blackscrip) to redeem from a list of prizes.

Release Announcement

Tucked away in seclusion near the Locksmehr River is place known as Bloodriven Village. Notorious to bandits, outlaws, and ruffians to congregate and do business. Located underground from the village, the infamous Duskruin Arena is a place of blood sports among the brave. Earn special scrip to buy a wealth of prizes. Many new items will be debuted at Bloodriven Village, such as scarring razors, pet rats, whisper cloaks, garrote knives, nerve staves, and much more! Be sure to stop out and view the interesting locales and people of Bloodriven Village!

Rumor has it, some couriers who smuggled goods and combatants into the village were ransacked. They were carrying coin pouches with bloodscrip and dueling slips, as well as simple handbills, to deliver to known fences around Elanthia. Be on the look out to find them in treasure chests while you hunt!



To access Bloodriven Village use QUEST TRANSPORT DUSKRUIN

High End Prize Lists

High End Scrip Shop (HESS) listing

Event Schedule and Teasers

Date Offerings Saved posts
August 13-31, 2021 Arena, sewers, heist Saved posts
Previous runs:
Dates Offerings Saved posts
February 12-28, 2021 Arena, sewers, heist Saved posts
August 14-30, 2020 Arena, sewers, heist Saved posts
February 8-25, 2020 Arena, sewers, heist Saved posts
August 9-25, 2019 Arena, sewers, heist Saved posts
February 15-March 3, 2019 Arena, sewers, heist Saved posts
December 14-25, 2018 Arena, sewers, heist Saved posts
June 15-July 4, 2018 Arena, sewers, heist Saved posts
February 16-25, 2018 Digging & sewers Saved posts
August 18-30, 2017 Saved posts
April 21-30, 2017 Saved posts
December 2-11, 2016 Digging Saved posts
August 26-September 5, 2016 Saved posts
June 17-26, 2016 Digging Saved posts
April 22-May 1, 2016 Saved posts
August 21-30, 2015 Saved posts
July 24-August 2, 2015 Saved posts
May 1-15, 2015 Saved posts
March 20-31, 2015 (Inaugural) Saved posts

Areas to Play


The arena is located on the eastern side of Bloodriven Village, in the middle of the northwest-southeast road (room 12 on the map). Each arena entry gives the contestant eight minutes to kill 25 creatures. Every 5 creatures there is a champion to face. Bloodscrip earned will depend on how many creatures are killed, the time it takes, and if certain actions are done in response to creature actions. PRAY for stamina and mana recovery, but that will cost time. You can fight solo or in teams of 2 or 3. The more team members, the more bloodscrip each person earns.

Intro Speech

An announcer shouts, "Introducing our new challenger, XXXX, hailing from Wehnimer's Landing!"

An announcer shouts, "XXXX, you will have roughly eight minutes to slay as many beasts as you can.  There will be a total of 25 opponents that you will face one-on-one!"

An announcer shouts, "There are a total of five champions you will face during the match, each at the 5th, 10th, 15th, 20th, and 25th rounds!"

An announcer shouts, "You may use whatever means possible to do so.  Some beasts may feign death and give the assumptions they have dropped dead, so be sure to keep a watchful eye on them!"

An announcer shouts, "You may want to watch your opponents' actions, it could just help you prepare to defend against some of their tactics!"

An announcer shouts, "You will earn more bloodscrip the more you vanquish, but with each opponent slain, the harder it will become!"

An announcer shouts, "You can draw on the ancient magic of the arena to restore lost mana and stamina, but it will cost you time, speeding up the match!  Just PRAY during combat!"

An announcer shouts, "Prepare yourself for battle, XXXX!  Good luck and Godspeed.  At any point you can surrender, but I would not recommend it if you want to be a champion!"

Watching a Match

One can watch any arena match from the arc area using the WATCH verb.

    WATCH LIST     - Shows all the combatant of Duskruin Arena.
    WATCH STOP     - Stop watching a combatant of Duskruin Arena.
    WATCH {person} - Watches the actions of this combatant of Duskruin Arena.
    WATCH LOOK     - Looks at the arena of the combatant you're watching.

The Celestial Temple

Become Champion of the Arkati by digging for MoonShards, pendants, and other treasures. Similar to digging at Ebon Gate, players buy pickaxes in the SimuCoin Store and get to work digging up treasures.

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