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Duskruin Arena serves as the namesake of the bi-annual Duskruin event and is one of the activities available which allows characters the opportunity to gain bloodscrip.

General Information

Adventurers can opt to fight in solo matches, or join with up to two peers and fight in 2v2 or 3v3 team matches. Each parchment stamped voucher, by itself or from a stamped voucher booklet, offers entry into the arena for up to 25 rounds. Additionally, those who run the solo arena can choose to battle in an endless match. PRAY for stamina and mana recovery, but there are dangers if used more than 3 times (solo).


The arena is located on the eastern side of Bloodriven Village, in the middle of Faida Lane (room 12 on the map).


  • Solo - Participants entering the arena for a solo standard match will face a total of 25 combatants, with every fifth round featuring either a champion or an automaton.
    • Endless - Available only to solo combatants, Endless arena matches begin after the final champion is beaten in during the standard match. No additional bloodscrip is awarded for these matches. Can be activated with DUSKRUIN ENDLESS.
  • Team - Groups of 2 or 3 can run team battles in the Arena, and will be faced with an equal number of opponents to those entering. Team matches no longer offer bonus bloodscrip.


When your arena match ends, you will automatically receive the Bloodscrip you earned, possibly a WPS smithy invite, and a loot package.

  • Bloodscrip - Maximum achievable amount for solo runs is 300. There is no longer a bonus for completing a team match. The formula for bloodscrip earned is: [10 * Rounds Completed] with an additional 50 bonus for completing all 25 rounds.
  • Items - One weapon, armor, shield, or enhancive jewelry item will also be found in your package, unless you change your preferred loot using the DUSKRUIN REWARD command (see below).
  • Metal ores - Should a (metal) automaton appear in place of a standard champion during a match, an ore of that same type will be available in addition to the arena winnings.
  • Experience - Experience is gained from both killing each opponent, and successful completion of all 25 rounds.
  • Experience orbs - These can be rubbed to gain an additional boost to to experience earned, either as a flat amount, or as a multiplying modifier.
  • WPS smithy invite - Weight/Pad/Sight your weapons or armor at the WPS Smithy Wagon in Bloodriven Village. You will not receive an invite if you already have one. Using the EVENT STATS DUSKRUIN command will show your invite status.
  • Titles - Different titles are earned based on certain thresholds met in the arena.

Beginning February 2022, there is now an option to change your preferred standard reward. This only applies to the Items heading listed above, as you will still receive your normal bloodscrip and any of the other possible random rewards listed above.

Use the DUSKRUIN REWARD command to toggle between them:

  • DUSKRUIN REWARD LOOT: Receive loot rewards. (Default Setting)
  • DUSKRUIN REWARD EXP: Receive instant exp rewards. (15 Experience, instantly absorbed)
  • DUSKRUIN REWARD SCRIP: Receive extra bloodscrip rewards. (10 extra bloodscrip)

Areas of Interest

The Celestial Temple

Introduced during the April 2016 run of Duskruin, the Celestial Temple offered additional background information for Bloodriven Village and Duskruin Arena, and is tied to the collectible system for MoonShard pendants. It continues to serve as the place to join completed moons to a pendant, and is also where the dwarven archaeologist can be found to trade flat etched stones for bloodscrip.

The Temple holds many secrets within its walls, and offers a way to get a Bloodrune Holder if one can figure out its puzzle.

Additionally, the WPS smithy, forging slab smelter, and Bloodforge can be found within the Temple. The Duskruin Dig (discontinued) was located here during its runs.


The bank can be found in the upper most level of the Arena and allows adventurers the ability to deposit or withdraw based on the bank of the town travelled from.

Spectator Seats

Duskruin Arena offers areas to WATCH the various bouts and cheer or jeer for any contestant. 2021 saw the addition of more seating in the Cheap Seats, which also offer some food and drinks.

Additional Information


Pre- and postname titles are available based on solo, team, and endless runs in the arena.

Title Type Requirement
Arena Combatant Prename 100 Arena Wins
Arena Champion Prename 500 Arena Wins
Arena Hero/Heroine Prename 1,000 Perfect Arena Wins
Arena Leader Prename 500 Group Arena Wins (do not need to be leading group)
Arena Contender Prename 26 Endless Rounds
Arena Conqueror Prename 100 Endless Rounds and 500,000 kills
Arena Icon Prename 150 Endless Rounds and 10,000 Perfect Wins
Arena Challenger Prename Legacy Endless Round 100
Arena Worshipper Prename 10,000 Prayers
Arena Occultist Prename Spawn Demon by PRAYing (valid only for player that PRAYed)
Combatant of Duskruin Arena Postname 25 Arena Entries
Gladiator of Duskruin Arena Postname 100 Arena Entries
Hero/Heroine of Duskruin Arena Postname 250 Perfect Wins
Champion of Duskruin Arena Postname 100 Arena Wins
Grand Champion of Duskruin Arena Postname 1,000 Perfect Wins
Flawless Champion of Duskruin Arena Postname 1,000 Perfect Wins (deaths/surrenders must remain < 1% of arena entries)
Combatant of Perpetuity Postname Legacy Endless Round 26
Abiding Champion of Duskruin Arena Postname Legacy Endless Round 100
Heroic Tactician Postname 25,000 Entries and 500 Perfect Wins
Bloodriven Brute Postname 10,000 Arena Kills
Merciless Executioner Postname 50,000 Arena Kills
Companion of Duskruin Arena Postname 100 Group Arena Wins
Blood Ally of Duskruin Arena Postname 250 Group Arena Wins
Whirlwind of Duskruin Arena Postname Complete Solo Arena Run Under 200 Seconds
Fleetfooted Legion Postname Complete Group Arena Run Under 250 Seconds
Cowardly Adventurer Postname 100 surrenders
Prey of the Sands Postname 25 deaths
Endless Champion of Duskruin Arena Postname 100 Endless Rounds
Infinite Champion of Duskruin Arena Postname 125 Endless Rounds and lasting 30 minutes
Eternal Juggernaut Postname 150 Endless Rounds and 25,000 wins
Unsurpassable Titan Postname 150 Endless Rounds and 25,000 perfect wins (deaths/surrenders must remain < 1% of arena entries)
Relentless Vanquisher Postname 1,000,000 kills


  • DISMISS - DISMISS was introduced during the December 2018 run to speed up the removal of bodies between rounds.
  • SHOUT - SHOUT can be used by arena participants to get the announcer to finish their opening speech.
  • SURRENDER - SURRENDER is used by arena participants to surrender and end the arena fight early.
  • WATCH - WATCH is used by spectators to view arena matches. Special usage for this verb is available in certain rooms of the arena.
    WATCH LIST     - Shows all the combatant of Duskruin Arena.
    WATCH STOP     - Stop watching a combatant of Duskruin Arena.
    WATCH {person} - Watches the actions of this combatant of Duskruin Arena.
    WATCH LOOK     - Looks at the arena of the combatant you're watching.

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