Baeronnar Chandrennin II

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Baeronnar Chandrennin II was an emperor of the Turamzzyrian Empire. He ruled from before 4680 until 4686.

Baeronnar Chandrennin II, named after Baeronnar Chandrennin, was ultimately the victim of a changing political climate. Due to the Witch Winter, most of the nobles from the Kingdom of Hendor had immigrated to the empire. They brought with them the belief in feudalism, which had been incorporated into Hendor decades earlier. Feudalism demanded more power and rights for the nobility, and more restraint on the absolutist power that the Turamzzyrian rulers had known since the inception of the Sun Throne. Under the influence of the Hendoran refugees, the Turamzzyrian nobility successfully pressured Baeronnar to abdicate his throne in 4686 for a ruler willing to accept the tenets of feudalism.

Prior to his abdication, Baeronnar II was known for his recognition of the Barony of Vornavis as an imperial province and the inclusion of Solhaven as a freeport within the empire in 4681.