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Bane oil is an oil that is applied to weapons to add a temporary armament bane. Bane oils will not work on a flaring weapon. Each oil contains 20 pours and each pour has 20 uses. Bane oils have been available at the Bloodriven Village shop, Dunh's Lab and the Zul Logoth Grand Banquet.


You analyze the thick black oil and sense that there is no recorded information on that item.  It may or may not be able to be worked on by a merchant alterer.

You get no sense of whether or not the oil may be further lightened.


Verb First Third
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Additional Information

Grand Banquet

Brother Bixsby sold several types of oils at the Zul Logoth Grand Banquet. The properties included:

  • Wax – undead
  • Grease – orcs
  • Rosin – trolls
  • Tallow – giants

The effects offered included:

  • Glowing – easier hit
  • Sanguine – more damage
  • Crimson – more criticals
  • Warm red – fire
  • Steel grey – impact
  • Void black – vacuum

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