Barbley's Beds

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Barbley's Beds is a Premium Home Furniture shop in Wehnimer's Landing. It is located through the haon door just inside the entrance to The Merchant's Emporium.

[Barbley's Beds]
Multitudes of beds in a huge variety of styles and finishes lie stacked haphazardly around the shop, some tilting precariously. Small pathways wind between the items, giving customers just enough room to view the floor samples. At one end of the showroom, a collection of stately four-poster beds enjoys a more spacious display area and the benefit of subtle lighting. You also see a stack of beds, a haon door, a rickety wooden counter with a hastily written sign on it and the merchant Barbley.


      Price  Item
1.)   60000  a carved walnut bed
2.)  350000  a polished oak four-poster bed
3.)  340000  an ebonwood four-poster bed
4.)  400000  a mahogany four-poster bed
5.)  300000  a knotty pine four-poster bed
6.)  320000  a stripped haon four-poster bed
7.)  330000  a dark walnut four-poster bed
8.)  335000  a smooth maoral four-poster bed
9.)  225000  an ornate brass bed
10.) 230000  a graceful white willow bed
11.) 200000  an overstuffed goosefeather bed
12.) 155000  a lustrous cherrywood bed
13.) 180000  a deep red polished cedar bed
14.) 160000  an interwoven vine and wicker bed
15.) 120000  a jet-inlaid white ash bed
16.) 100000  a carved oak bed
17.)  80000  a carved tanik bed
18.)  65000  a carved monir bed
19.)  55000  a carved thanot bed
20.)  50000  a carved maoral bed