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Just some quick thoughts on one way to view spellsongs in GSIV.

The way I have always looked at this is the following:

1) Similar to chanting or casting, a bard "sings" their spells upon the initial implementation.

2) After that the "song" is self sustaining (if its not a one shot song) until it nears the time for renewal. During this period it would be barely perceptible as actual sound. The way I see it, it would be the kind of thing you could actually only hear if you were in a completely silent environment and were breathing softly. Then perhaps you would hear the faint notes.

3) A renewal is not an actual resinging of the complete songs as they were originally "cast". It would be a modified singing of key notes from each of the ones currently "running". Just enough of each, combined in a unique melody for that particular combination, to keep the effects sustained.

4) Adding songs in is both a singing of a new song and a modification of the current ones. The messaging that you get when you add one or remove one from your medley demonstrates this pretty well if I remember it correctly.