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Bard Base Spell Circle
Circle Potency Semi
Sphere Alignment Elemental/Mental Hybrid
Relevant Stats Aura
Available To Bards
Associated Circles Minor Elemental
Bard Base Spells
Holding Song (1001) Attack
Vibration Chant (1002) Attack
Fortitude Song (1003) Defensive
Purification Song (1004) Utility
Lullabye (1005) Attack
Song of Luck (1006) Utility
Kai's Triumph Song (1007) Offensive
Stunning Shout (1008) Attack
Sonic Shield Song (1009) Utility
Song of Valor (1010) Defensive
Song of Peace (1011) Utility
Sonic Weapon Song (1012) Utility
Song of Unravelling (1013) Utility
Sonic Armor (1014) Utility
Song of Depression (1015) Attack
Song of Rage (1016) Attack
Song of Noise (1017) Utility
Song of Power (1018) Utility
Song of Mirrors (1019) Defensive
Traveler's Song (1020) Utility
Singing Sword Song (1025) Utility
Song of Sonic Disruption (1030) Attack
Song of Tonis (1035) Defensive
Troubadour's Rally (1040) Utility

The Bard Base spell circle is unique in that the magic is actually manipulated through a bard's singing. Consequently, all bardic magic is sung as opposed to cast. Bardic vocals manifest as a hybrid of both mental and elemental spheres, which is also a unique blend. Spells in this circle consist of a variety of offensive, defensive, and utility purposes all designed around the needs of a bard. Bard Base casting strength and target defense relies on a character's Aura bonus.

Renewing Continuous Songs

Spellsongs do not simply consume mana once per initiation as most other spells. They cost the regular initial expenditure of mana, and then a renewal cost upon expiration in order to keep the magic going. The length of your renew cycle is given by the following formula:

  • SING STATUS or SONG STATUS displays which songs are currently being sung, and an approximation of their remaining duration.
  • RENEW ALL will renew all of the songs at once.
  • RENEW {spell#|mnemonic} will renew an individual song.
  • STOP SINGING to cease all spellsongs.
  • STOP [SINGING] {spell#|mnemonic} to cease a specific song. (Use of "singing" is optional; "stop fortitude" suffices to cause Fortitude Song (1003) to be removed from the Bard's medley.)

Note that the offensive songs require manual renewal, but when the medley renewal occurs these spellsongs will, all, STOP completely. (Until that renewal, they will be displayed as in your medley, with Song Status. However, they will NOT be included in the calculated renewal mana cost, nor count towards Multi-Song Penalty.) You will no longer be able to renew the Song, but must re-start it at the full mana cost. These songs are:

  • Holding Song
  • Unravel
  • Song of Depression
  • Song of Rage
  • Song of Sonic Disruption

Note also that Unravel has a unique, particularly short duration--not more than 20s and possibly as little as 15s--the first 3s of which are eaten up by the original casting time.

  • Failure to activate a renewal during that time will cause the spell to end, and you will have to re-cast at full mana cost.
  • Should your medley as a whole renew during an active Unravel, then Unravel's benefit will also end at the renewal, and you will have to re-cast at full mana cost. However, you are still considered to have the Song active, so you will have to either 'stop unravel' or wait out its duration before that re-cast is possible. Unravel is the ONLY Song which behaves in this way.

Multi-Song Penalty

Singing more than three spellsongs at a time results in an increased renewal cost. The increase is 12 per song beyond the first, modified by your Bard Base ranks, Discipline bonus and Logic bonus, to a minimum of zero.

Enhancements by Rank

Bard Base casting strength (CS)
+1 CS for each rank up to and including the bard's level.
+0.75 CS for ranks level+1 through level+20.
+0.50 CS for ranks level+21 through level+60.
+0.25 CS for ranks level+61 through level+100.
+0.125 CS for ranks level+101 and greater.
Holding Song (1001)
Affects one additional target for every 7 ranks after the first.
Song of Luck (1006)
Additional ranks increase the chance for this song to aid the Bard (but not non-bard party members) at a rate of 1% for every three songs known. +1 to mana cost per four songs known after 1006. Renewal cost is half the mana cost.
Kai's Triumph Song (1007)
This song gives +1 AS for each song known after the seventh, until it reaches +20 AS when seventeen songs are known. Once nineteen songs are known, this song also affords the Bard's party increased health recovery; +1 to mana cost and renewal cost for each additional point of AS.
Sonic Equipment songs (Sonic Shield Song (1009), Sonic Blade Song (1012), Sonic Armor Song (1014))
Sonic equipment begins at a bonus of +10 (+15 for armor) and gains +1 for every two songs known, up to a maximum of +35 at 50 songs known (or 40 songs known for armor).
Song of Valor (1010)
+1 DS per two songs known after 1010; +1 mana cost for every 2 additional DS; +1 renewal cost for every 5 additional DS.
Song of Unravelling (1013)
Increased song knowledge increases the amount of mana drained by each use of this song.
Song of Mirrors (1019)
+1 Dodging rank per two songs (+1/2) known after 1019; +1 to mana cost per five songs known after 1019; +1 to renewal cost per ten songs known after 1019.
Singing Sword (1025)
Additional songs known add to the animated weapon's AS.


When using a runestaff, either one summoned with Sonic Weapon Song or a more normal version, the flares occur ONLY for

  • single-target spells, to include the single-target version of Disruption (1030) as well as spells that will have none of their normal effect (Vibration Chant (1002) against a target with neither weapon nor shield, say), and
  • only with the CAST and INCANT verbs, but not with RENEW.