Basket Merchant

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Basket Merchant is a specialty shop in River's Rest. The basket maker is located on Sharia El Dona in the Khan'Kel Bazaar premium neighborhood. It lies one northwest, one northeast, and then one southeast of the alley that is the entrance to the bazaar.

[Khan'Kel Bazaar, Sharia El Dona]
A cobblestone thoroughfare winds through rows of houses flanked by brightly colored tents, and venders selling all manner of wares from the backs of wagons. Against the side of one house, a basket seller has set up shop. The well-made merchandise sits beneath a red and white striped awning, different sized containers stacked one on top the other. You also see a basket merchant, a fenced wood and stone cottage, a modest white stucco townhouse, a plain home and a plain building.


Item                       Price
   1. Woven basket               250
   2. Vaalin thread basket       10000
   3. Wicker basket              200
   4. Pine needle basket         250

Basket Maker

The old basket maker is wizened and shriveled, but his eyes twinkle merrily from beneath the large turban which almost overwhelms his face.  He holds a half-finished basket in his gnarled hands, the fine workmanship already obvious in it.