Begetting Besiegers

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Begetting Besiegers is a specialty shop in Wehnimer's Landing. It sells all siegery-related items, and there is an arena inside as well. It is located on Valeria St., just east of Town Square, Northeast.

[Begetting Besiegers, Front Room]
A large glass window takes up an entire wall of the shop, moonlight gleaming through and shining on a length of shelves where numerous miniatures have been setup for display. Two glass-paneled cabinets hang on both sides of a wide lacquered door, while the center of the room is occupied by a huge ironwood table. A high archway is set behind a curved maoral counter where two faded copper bins rest to the side. You also see a wooden sign and a red-bearded giantman shopkeeper.


  1. a gold-bound blue steel case                42. a red-eyed stone gargoyle miniature
  2. a sword-etched sleek silver case            43. a burly frost giant miniature
  3. a bone-inlaid siegery repair case           44. a grey-furred shan wizard miniature
  4. a copper-hinged ebony case                  45. a blue krolvin warfarer miniature
  5. a silver-inlaid cherrywood case             46. a scrawny kobold shepherd miniature
  6. a red coral-inlaid case                     47. a yellow-eyed blue gremlin miniature
  7. a little dark oak trebuchet                 48. a plump tavern barkeep miniature
  8. a tiny eahnor-bound trebuchet               49. a grey-beaked hooded figure miniature
  9. a miniature silver-bound trebuchet          50. a cloaked elven demon hunter miniature
  10. a small copper-banded catapult             51. a hollow-eyed necromancer miniature
  11. a tiny faenor-bound catapult               52. a flaxen erithian monk miniature
  12. a miniature maoral catapult                53. an ashen-robed elementalist miniature
  13. a miniature dark green ballista            54. a shadowy dark assassin miniature
  14. a small mithril-bound ballista             55. a fiery-eyed death knight miniature
  15. a tiny white ballista                      56. a dark elf pyromancer miniature
  16. a tiny black ballista                      57. a huge giantman gladiator miniature
  17. a small red marble fortress                58. a burly reiver miniature
  18. a diminutive grey sandstone castle         59. a muscular roan centaur miniature
  19. a miniature Darkstone castle               60. a haunting banshee miniature
  20. a robed archmage miniature                 61. a sleek black cobra miniature
  21. a brown-robed healer miniature             62. a short cave gnoll miniature
  22. a white-robed cleric miniature             63. a muscular arctic titan miniature
  23. a carved guild taskmaster miniature        64. a black mammoth arachnid miniature
  24. a muscular blacksmith miniature            65. a brutish minotaur miniature
  25. a stern-faced locksmith miniature          66. a krolvin stormcrow miniature
  26. a gypsy fortuneteller miniature            67. a hulking tundra giant miniature
  27. a mistwood curious mystic miniature        68. a Taladorian zombie miniature
  28. a dark-haired priestess miniature          69. a huge abyssal dreadlord miniature
  29. a pretty flower girl miniature             70. a snarling vapor hellhound miniature
  30. a sharp-eyed night watchman miniature      71. a shadowy voidwalker miniature
  31. a red-robed summoner miniature             72. a wild elf druid miniature
  32. a white-haired elven alchemist miniature   73. a shadowy black mein golem miniature
  33. a red-haired sylvan ranger miniature       74. a Hendoran soldier miniature
  34. a brawny human militiaman miniature        75. an imperial mage miniature
  35. a stout dwarven sentinel miniature         76. a sturdy imperial trebuechet
  36. a half-krolvin bandit miniature            77. an ora-bound imperial ballista
  37. a beguiling sea nymph miniature            78. a miniature orcish stronghold
  38. a hideous grey orc miniature               79. a small replica Kestrel Keep
  39. a gleaming steel golem miniature           80. a miniature icy krolvin fortress
  40. a snarling war troll miniature             81. a miniature Hendoran outpost
  41. a sleek onyx-eyed puma miniature