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Belleva is a resident of Caligos Isle and employee of the Whip and Wight Inn.

Storyline Caligos Isle
Gender female
Race dwarf
Status alive
Alias/Title a tall peglegged dwarf


Tall for a dwarf, this little lady is all guff and no fluff.  Attired in a heavily boned corset laced so tightly it's a wonder she can still breathe and a mess of ruffled skirts that show off her wooden pegleg, she exudes a commanding presence.  Her copper-sheened burgundy hair is piled atop her head in a heap of loose curls, and her aquamarine eyes glisten in the lantern light.


  • Pulling a small clipboard from the square pouch on her hip, the dwarf scans her list. With a bit of graphite, she checks off items as she scans the area with an appraising gaze.
  • Pausing in her duties for a moment, the dwarf retrieves a small, leather-sheathed flask from within the ruffles of her skirts. She takes a nip, gives a soft sigh of satisfaction, and tucks the flask away again.
  • Removing a pin from her skirts, the dwarf fluffs the ruffled layers before pinning them once again on her hip to display her pegleg.