Belshyve Valiton

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Belshyve Valiton is located in the Niveous Chamber at Duskruin Arena where she acts as the arena empath.


>look at healer
The human healer looks young but carries herself in a mature matter.  Her hooded white robe is dagged in red along the sleeves and hem.  The initials "B.V." have been embroidered on the right shoulder in a pale scarlet, just above a carved maoral bear-shaped pin.


>ask healer about intitals 

Belshyve reaches up to touch the right shoulder of her robe and traces the outline of the embroidery with her fingertip.  She says, "I bet you thought this stood for Bloodriven Village, but it's actually my initials.  My name is Belshyve Valiton.  Quite the coincidence, isn't it?"

>ask healer about healing 

Belshyve approaches you and says, "I have been studying the healing arts for quite some time now, but it seems there's always something else to learn.  One can never know too much, you know?  I heard the Old Farmhouse has some healing potions.  I should really stop over there and see what kind of ingredients they use."

>ask healer about pin 

"Oh, that?  That's my baby, of course.  Chinchin is her name.  Poor thing lost her mother a few years back... looked like a violent wolf attack, given the tears in her flesh."  Belshyve shakes her head and sighs heavily but continues, "I stumbled across the cub just a few feet away.  She was so docile and scared -- a terribly traumatic thing to have seen her mother's death.  She's mine now, though.  The villagers help me get food to her."

>ask healer about arena 

Belshyve ponders your question a moment, and then responds succinctly, "While the arena is the lifeblood of the village, it pains me to see such open violence.  It does keep me in business, however."

>ask healer about marriage 

Belshyve blushes profusely, turning her attention to the bedsheets.  As she smooths out the wrinkles, she says nervously, "I've had many admirers, but my work here keeps me far too busy to engage in such activities.  Besides, I've yet to find one who is accepting of my furry four-legged child."