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Bergraham was a merchant who raffled off some of his best made weapons during events, namely Return to Coraesine Field.

Original list compiled by Jace Solo on the Player's Corner.

Weapons and Sheaths

Cobalt Knight

  • 4x, HCW

Blue-streaked ebon razern espadon: Streaks of brilliant cobalt zigzag across the glossy black razern surface of the espadon. The brilliant blue hues are lost and then reemerge between the thin grey lines denoting the hundreds of folds on the metal's surface. The guard of the weapon is fashioned from matte black kelyn, in the shape of a pair of shoulder pauldrons. The hilt continues the armored knight imagery, taking the form of the torso of a thin suit of armor. Two spherical depressions adorn the ebon razern espadon, approximately the size and shape of a small gem. All of the gem chambers are currently empty.

Thin razern scabbard: A throat of polished black kelyn crowns the top of the scabbard, the darker metal contrasting with the glossy hues of the razern scabbard itself. A line of angular runes has been engraved down the side of the scabbard, and the rivulets filled with sapphire blue mithril.

Crimson Wake

a fiery crimson drakar warblade: Mottled red drakar forms the slightly curved shape of this elegant warblade. The tone of the blade shifts from fiery crimsons along the edge to a deeper orange near the back of the blade, reminiscent of the embers at the heart of a flame. An elaborate golvern basket covers the white silk-wrapped hilt, the outer curve of each strand of the basket inset with tiny cabochons of shimmering firestones. Two spherical depressions adorn the crimson drakar warblade, approximately the size and shape of a small gem. All of the gem chambers are currently empty.

[Need 15/15/15 Description]: A throat of polished crimson mithril crowns the top of the dark ironwood sheath, the deep crimson metal sitting flush with the dark wooden surface of the sheath. Patterns of interlocked flames have been burned into the surface of the wood, and dusted with a layer of silver.


  • 2x, Very Heavily Crit Weighted

a gold-marked silver kelyn handaxe: Gentle flourishes of sunny gold stand out against the moon-hued silver kelyn comprising the axe's crescent head. The precious adornments take the form of a swarm of spread-winged, stylized butterflies, rendered as delicately as a watercolor painting in the unyielding metal. A burnished haft of spiraled witchwood supports the axe-head, twined with gentle suede that, while smooth, is substantial enough to provide a firm grip. Two spherical depressions adorn the silver kelyn handaxe, approximately the size and shape of a small gem. All of the gem chambers are currently empty.

a patterned leather axe loop: You glance at the loop. Wrought from braided strips of silvered and gilded leather, the loop is segmented to retain its flexibility. A single black opal with a hole bored through it serves as a cinch for the interlocking braids. Despite the darkness of the gem, hints of turquoise and silver wink in its depths like the promise of a moon hidden by clouds on a stygian night.


  • 7x Plasma Flares, Lightly Crit Weighted, Max Light, T3 Ensorcell

a brightly blued rolaren falchion: Treated and oiled so that a faint blue sheen pervades its natural luster, the glistening blade is long and improbably slender, seeming almost fragile save that it is made of strong rolaren. A basket-hilt of blued steel protects the mistwood hilt, each slender curve of metal carved and sculpted to mimic frozen flame. You also notice a small enchanter's glyph.

a rose-blushed silver scabbard: Impurities in the silver cast a rosy sheen like the first breaths of a new dawn over the edges of the sheath. An orb of warm orange amber, pure gleaming with firegolden motes within, completes the illusion. Toward the upper edge, whorls of tarnish artfully blacken the silver like racing stormclouds. Padding clad in pale blue satin glistens within, protecting the interior without sacrificing beauty for utility.

Death's Sting

  • 4x, Decently Damage Weighted, Sanctified

a gilded dark eonake longsword: Crafted from pure eonake, the blade of the longsword ripples under ambient light with evidence of many foldings endured during the process of its forging. The metal is a deep blue with constellations of silver glints spiraling in whirls across its surface, as if its crafter has captured the image of multitudinous fireflies setting a night sky alight. A long hilt of polished ivory, carved into the sinuous interlocking form of a serpent devouring its own tail, is adorned with amber eyes. Two spherical depressions adorn the dark eonake longsword, approximately the size and shape of a small gem. All of the gem chambers are currently empty.

an eonake-bound black fel scabbard: Adorned with black opal scales, the carved fel surface of the scabbard is possessed of a naturally dark shade. The opals are masterfully cut to enhance their brilliance and shine while revealing hints of pearlescent color in their depths. Bindings of vivid blue eonake serve to reinforce the more yielding wood, and are etched with sinuous serpentine patterns. Their hue matches the velvet swathing the interior.


  • 4x

an oil-dark imflass moon axe: Smooth and dark as the curtain of night, the imflass comprising the handaxe's blade features a wicked argent edge. Subtle patterns are visible in the stygian metal, writhing madly with any play of ambient light. The blade is fastened firmly to a haft of polished orase. Veins of moon-hued silver travel in a serpentine spiral down the wooden shaft, vanishing beneath a grip of storm-grey thrak hide.

an ora-riveted black imflass sheath: Black and fluid as a pool of oil, the surface of the sheath is buffed to a mirror finish. Rivets of pale ora gleam from the surface like dancing stars, fastening the sheath to a harness of supple storm-grey thrak hide. Amid a circle of silver inlay etched with repeating geometric patterns, a howling wolf is depicted in vivid detail, its form silhouetted by vibrant argent lacquer.


  • 6x/7x Undead Bane with Fire Flares

a silver-etched pallid ora backsword: The metal of the curved backsword might appear white at a cursory glance, but a more careful examination reveals that the metal is imbued with shimmers of opalescence resembling mother-of-pearl, yet sharper and more varied in hue. A prismatic wash of gems, ranging from violet sapphires to radiant rubies and every other color in between, adorns an ornate pommel of sterling silver. Its base takes the form of a snarling sphinx. Two spherical depressions adorn the pallid ora backsword, approximately the size and shape of a small gem. All of the gem chambers are currently empty.

an ora-trimmed painted faewood scabbard - A band of pale ora frames the mouth of the scabbard, and trails of the light-hued metal sprout from the banding like branches from a tree, spreading across the white faewood beneath. The wood has been painted with a nearly translucent lacquer that holds only the barest hints of prismatic hue. Tiny diamonds scatter across its surface, lending their flashing, rainbowed fire to the multicolored display.


  • 4x, Vacuum Flares

a mist-blue mithglin greatsword: Swirled with coal-black veins, the mist-blue length of the sword is adorned with the stardust outline of a long-limbed heron, the talons of which extend down to the wide crossguard. Clouded lapis lazuli spheres cling to the spiraled surface of the guard, which is crafted of ghost-pale imflass. Twined by a length of midnight velvet marked with a sky-blue pattern of feathers, the hilt is a solid length of mistwood crowned by a large blue sapphire.

a mist-blue mithglin scabbard: Marked with a heron done in star-shaped etchings, the flat surface of the scabbard is left clean of jeweled ornamentation, though tiny clouded lapis lazuli spheres are set into the ghost-pale imflass binding. The interior of the scabbard is lined in velvet-padded mistwood. Fastened to the binding is a length of midnight blue leather studded by tiny blue sapphires.


  • 4x, Ice Flares

a blue-green glaes broadsword: Jutting from a blackened silver hilt, a length of blue-green glaes as dark as a glacier's heart has been forged into a gleaming faceted blade. A snowstorm of silvery motes shimmer from within, accompanied by tiny bubbles swarming the center of the crystal. Black brushwork adorns the simple argent crossguard, the patterns continuing in a sweep down the long hilt. You also notice a small enchanter's glyph.

a silver-bound glacial glaes scabbard: Lustrous silver binding shines starkly against the glaes comprising the scabbard, the interior of which is bare and dark. Snowflake patterns gleam from the argent metal, the dissimilar shapes outlined in black brushwork. Pirouetting through the blue-green volcanic crystal, silvery motes compete in brightness with a constellation of glistening bubbles trapped within.


  • 4x, Fire Flares

a gold-inlaid crimson imflass spear: Vibrant as fresh-spilled blood, the tip of the spear is forged with a series of jagged barbs, each aglisten with radiant golden hues from pale yellow to burnished bronze. A studded cuff of flaxen vultite separates the metal head from the blond deringo haft. Running down the surface of the shaft, a waterfall of interlocking teardrops reaching a pool of gilt inlay at the imflass-capped end of the wood. You also notice a small enchanter's glyph.

a gold-inlaid crimson imflass tube: Golden teardrops stain the livid crimson surface of the cylindrical tube, falling in a gentle pattern across its curved face. The vibrant metal matches the hue of the velvet lining its interior, which is brightly threaded with golden filaments. Golden rivets march along the top and bottom of the tube, which is fitted with a chain of woven gold and crimson vultite links.


  • 5x

a razor-edged black kelyn backsword: Ink-dark kelyn composes the bulk of the long, unadorned blade, the true edge of which is bears hints of emerald and bronze pigment. Despite the darkness of the metal, signs of the many foldings during its fiery birth are evident in the way light reflects, almost fluidly, off of its surface. The weapon's guard is simple but refined, a sinuous curve of black steel protecting a leather-wrapped metal hilt.

a kelyn-inlaid dark steel scabbard: Trappings of dark green kelyn cling to the borders of the scabbard, worked into naturalistic tendrils of creepers and moss. Against the hue of the verdant adornment, the dark steel below is grey as a tomb, its surface scrawled with an illegible epitaph of jagged edged sigils. Within, a shroud of dark velvet drapes the scabbard's walls.


  • ?x/?x, Defender

a faenor-banded black lor runestaff: Bands of faenor swirl down the staff from tip to butt, barding it heavily to reinforce the wood. The verdant metal is not uniform in hue, ranging in places from the hue of growing grass to the shade of fresh-picked olives, and it stands in stark contrast to the lor's inky black grain. Crowning the staff is a rearing doe wrought painstakingly from metal, its hooves outlined in sunny gold. Two spherical depressions adorn the black lor runestaff, approximately the size and shape of a small gem. All of the gem chambers are currently empty.

a bronze-leaved faenor mesh sling: Gleaming leaves of patterned red bronze are attached to the faenor mesh that comprises the sling, the weave of which is so thin and intricate that it might be crafted from fine cloth save for its metallic glimmer. A thin band of lush emerald green velvet rings the interior in order to protect the delicate web of metal. Adorning one of the largest leaves, a trefoil piece of slightly darker hue than its sisters, is a mark resembling a hoofprint.


  • 5x

an ebony-hafted faenor glaive: Polished dark ebony comprises the shaft forming the bulk of the glaive, the wood incised with geometric sigils highlighted by vibrant green lacquer. The glaive's head is forged of solid faenor, though impurities in the verdant metal brighten the elegantly crafted length of the blade with a storm of snowy spirals. Matching metallurgical anomalies adorn the studded sheath of faenor crowning the opposite end of the weapon, which serves as a counterweight to the blade.

a faenor-banded ebony tube: Bands of dark green faenor embrace the cylinder of polished ebony in a series of descending curls, the metal's emerald hue lent depth by the unrelieved black of its background. The hollow of the cylinder is padded with a layer of soft forest green velvet. A chain of forged faenor links, swirled with vibrant white impurities in the metal, fastens to the midpoint of the tube.

Hand of Light

  • 10x/11x undead bane, max light with disintegration flares, T5 ensorcell, 2-slot fusion

a glowing white steel greatsword: The hilt of carved stone is hewn into the shape of a muscled, imposing figure with sage eyes of jade. It supports a massive blade of white steel that is somehow imbued with pearlescent hues just beneath its surface. Flames of inlaid ice blue faenor climb the blade, commingling with tongues of gold at the midpoint. Despite the weapon's impressive size, its blade is honed to a razor's hair-thin edge. Two spherical depressions adorn the white steel greatsword, approximately the size and shape of a small gem. All of the gem chambers are currently empty.

a large white steel scabbard: Hints of rainbowed hue play beneath the white steel surface of the scabbard, somehow imbued into the snowy metal. Flames of ice blue eahnor commingle with those of gold across both surfaces, the vibrant color a stark contrast to the pallor beneath. A length of bleached leather serves to secure the scabbard.


  • 4x

a silvered dark rolaren longsword: Need Description

a silvered rolaren-bound scabbard: Need Description


  • 0x, Masterfully Crit Weighted

a ruby-adorned ruddy bronze dagger: Carved into an interlocking double helix from snow white ivory, the hilt of the weapon is capped with a multifaceted ruby the size of a babe's fist. The gem is cut and polished to a liquid shine, as if its heart were filled with fresh-spilled arterial blood. The jagged spar of bronze forming the blade sprouts boldy from the hilt, and its central groove is encrusted with smaller red gems. Despite such rich adornments, the razor-honed edge leaves no doubt that this is no ornamental weapon. Two spherical depressions adorn the ruddy bronze dagger, approximately the size and shape of a small gem. All of the gem chambers are currently empty.

an eahnor-bound bronze sheath: Bound in eahnor the crimson of smoldering embers, the sheath is woven of bronze mail links so fine that its surface flows like cloth. Tiny firedrops, rubies, and garnets are trapped within, causing the sheath to glitter like a pool of blood beneath ambient light. A stylized heart wreathed in flames is embroidered into the incarnadine velvet lining the interior.


Veins of icy blue rhimar crackle through the frosted silvery glaes of this massive axe's head. The argent surface is finely hammered which distorts the translucent interior and causes the rhimar inclusions to appear fractured and broken. The glaes displays a shift in coloration near the tapered edge as the silvery tone fades into snowy white, and eventually a pale, icy blue along the edge itself. Two spherical depressions adorn the silvery glaes greataxe, approximately the size and shape of a small gem. All of the gem chambers are currently empty.

a glossy white glaes loop: You glance at the loop. Deep blue leather braids tied around the white surface of the glaes loop constrast with the lustrous glaesine surface. A ring of tiny blue diamond cabochons is set around the entire circumference of the loop, each faceted stone set equidistant from its neighbors.

Iron Star

  • +17, adamantine, disintegration flares

a dark adamantine spikestar: Gleaming golden golvern tips set off the spikes cresting the morning star's rounded head from its blue-grey metal bulk. The ball is smooth and nearly as reflective as the surface of a still pond. Below, the weapon's haft is an intricate work of elder and silver, the metal twining with wood in an organic display like the gnarled roots of an old tree. A single blue diamond graces the butt of the haft. Two spherical depressions adorn the adamantine spikestar, approximately the size and shape of a small gem.

a silver-twined leather sling: Twining silver and dusky blue leather form the bulk of the sling, the latter material patterned with stylized seven-pointed stars. Tiny blue diamonds are caught within the dance of metal and hide, winking from their crevices like tiny eyes. A spiked adamantine charm dangles from the sling, fashioned to resemble the head of a flail.


  • 5x/7x Undead Bane

a gold-studded pale ora mace:Spherical golden studs adorn a raised bar of white ora traveling around the circumference of the mace's pale head, which has been etched with coiling, spread-winged dragons. Soft emerald hide, aglisten with tiny scales, spirals down the haft toward a pommel adorned with a golden glimaerstone. Brighter than its gilded setting, he multifaceted gem is faintly lit from within, shining with a feeble but steady yellow radiance. Two spherical depressions adorn the pale ora mace, approximately the size and shape of a small gem. All of the gem chambers are currently empty.

a gilded white leather loop: The loop is crafted from leather bleached and dyed to snowy brilliance. Heavy gilding crawls along its surface, the seemingly random tongues and outgrowths suggesting the shapes of winged lizards parading across the leather's exterior. A single spot of gilt adorns the interior, taking the form of a five-tined crown.

Last Light

  • 5x, Fire Flares

an ember-red golvern broadsword: Smooth as silk and reflecting light as if it were the surface of a still lake, the golvern blade is free from adornment or etchwork. Despite its size, it is no crude work: the blade curves inward at the middle and gently tapers toward the hilt, and it is possessed of the dark cerise hue of a fire about to die. Beneath an ornate guard of golvern the color of molten gold, the hilt is wrapped in a double twine of dark hide and ornamented with sunstones and firemote orbs. Two spherical depressions adorn the golvern broadsword, approximately the size and shape of a small gem. All of the gem chambers are currently empty.

a torch-marked red golvern scabbard: Gleaming golvern the color of a dying fire's heart has been worked so that its planes are smooth as a still pond. Tendrils of shadow wrought from black steel creep from the corners of either face, licking at a pair of mirrored torches etched into the center of the scabbard. The flames atop the brands burn bright, their tongues composed of shining white gold, but seem to do little to throw back the encoraching darkness.

Mage Masher

a dusky krodera alloy maul: Forged from a spectacular amount of metal, the maul's head and haft appear all of one piece, with neither joint nor seam to suggest otherwise. Intricate patterns of eahnor stand out against the sooty grey metal, forming a series of runes highlighted by crushed rubies along the crushing surface of the head. Lines of the blood red metal curve down the shaft, making it look as if droplets of blood are trailing down the smooth metallic surface. Two spherical depressions adorn the krodera alloy maul, approximately the size and shape of a small gem. The chambers currently hold a shining hoarfrost white orb, and a sprite-marked hoarfrost white orb.

a woven eahnor sling: The sling is woven together from threads of eahnor and silver as thin as spidersilk, so fine that they might be cloth save for their characteristic metallic sheen. A series of dark rubies is caught within the metallic mesh, glaring out from the surface in a peculiar geometric pattern.


  • 5x/7x Undeadbane

an opal-trimmed dark eahnor lance: Eahnor the hue of heart's blood comprises the tapered head of the lance, save for the tip, which is protected by a sharp-pointed cone of red golvern. Although free of adornment, the metal is finely forged, its myriad ripples attesting to a long and masterful forging process. The weapon's lower rim, where head meets haft, is trimmed in white opals that stand out like snow against the crimson metal. Its haft is crafted of pale witchwood and etched with interlocking circular patterns. Two spherical depressions adorn the dark eahnor lance, approximately the size and shape of a small gem. All of the gem chambers are currently empty.

a pearled eahnor mesh sling with an opal-trimmed dark eahnor lance poking high overhead: Clinging to the surface of the eahnor mesh is a geometric arrangement of tiny white pearls forming interlocking circles possessing no evident purpose or meaning. The mesh is so finely woven that, did it not have such a rich metallic sheen, it might easily be confused for a delicate cloth. Twin bands of solid metal border it, and these are etched with interlocking runnels filled with opalescent lacquer.

Phoen's Ward

  • 5x/3x defender

etched golden imflass voulge: The blade of the voulge shines as if wrought from pure gold, the imflass comprising it possessed of a hue like the sky illumined by sunset. Delicate etchwork fleurs-de-lis ornament either side, but otherwise, the beauty of the rippling folds in the metal is raw and plain. The head is set atop a tall haft of etched ruic, the red-golden wood's hue reminiscent of embers about to die. Three small sunstones are inlaid into the band separating haft from head. Two spherical depressions adorn the golden imflass voulge, approximately the size and shape of a small gem. All of the gem chambers are currently empty.

sunset golden imflass tube: Etched on one face with the stylized representation of a sun setting behind clouds, the tube is hexagonally shaped and imbued with a hue like the sky set afire by the daystar's fall. At the top and bottom, it is banded with pure gold, but the intensity of the imflass's hue makes the precious metal seem wan by comparison. A single sunstone is pressed into the side opposite the sun, its many facets winking as if alive with flame.


  • 4x, Plasma Flares

a pale gilded ora rapier: The thin, tapering blade of the rapier is clad in leaves of bright gold, from which sparkle bright alexandrite shards. Only the tip, needle-sharp and impeccably forged, is devoid of adornment. Below a sweeping rose-golden guard that forms a cloud of lustrous tendrils, the hilt is delicately wrapped in a length of thick aubergine velvet. A faceted amethyst, so dark as to be almost black, adorns the butt of the hilt. You also notice a small enchanter's glyph.

a spindling gilded ora scabbard: Pale as a lily blossom, the ora from which the case is forged bears a pattern of golden leaves fanning across its face. Studding the leaves are tiny shards of multicolored alexandrite, glistening far brighter than the dewdrops they mimic. Clasped by a dark amethyst, the case is lined with a spill of aubergine velvet.

Red Destiny

  • 4x, Vibe Flares

a tasseled bronze vultite spear: Twined by a plait of snowy white silk, the perfect conical head of the spear is of lustrous vultite. The glistening bronze metal holds hints of copper and gold in its rippled surface. Secured by golden imflass studs, the head juts from a shaft of silvery-grey witchwood which is polished to an argent shine but otherwise unadorned. Faint patterns in carmine ink spiral down the unsullied silk, looking like falling rose petals or droplets of blood.

a gilded pale vultite tube: Bracketed by silvery vaalin, the white vultite tube is long and conical, possessed of a hue similar to freshly fallen snow. Waves of gold dance across the surface, embracing the forms of garnet droplets shining from the metal's curved face. A chain of woven gold and crimson metal is fastened to the resplendent cuff.

Red Feast

a fang-shaped black kelyn knife: Matte black and so dark that it almost seems to drink in ambient light, the glass-smooth surface of the knife's blade is remarkably devoid of reflections. Unadorned, the metal is an odd contrast to the hilt and handle, which are forged from red brass and inlaid with clusters of bloodstone and garnet. The handle is a twisted spiral clad in a doubled helix of dark read leather strips. Two spherical depressions adorn the black kelyn knife, approximately the size and shape of a small gem. All of the gem chambers are currently empty.

a matte black kelyn sheath: ?


  • 5x, Decently Crit Weighted

a blue-streaked black razern battleaxe: Lurking within the depths of the razern battleaxe's massive blade is a streak of midnight blue, visible against the stygian darkness of the rest of the mammoth blade. In contrast, the hoarbeam haft is a resplendent frosty silver in hue, rivaling precious metal in its brilliance but surpassing it in luster. Save for a thin wrap of braided, blanched hide at the base of the haft, it is left free of accoutrements that might detract from its natural beauty.

a beaded pale leather weapon sling: Hoarbeam beads dangle from strips of braided white leather, each carved into a distinct shape. Wolves cavort with snow leopards and polar bears with caribou, the miniature menagerie complimenting the otherwise unrefined but serviceable sling. A leather strap, reinforced by buckles and bands of silver, fastens to each end of the sling.

River's Song

  • 8x/6x defender with Extraplanar Bane

a soot-hued krodera bastard sword: Wrought entirely from dully gleaming krodera, the sword's sooty hue makes its blade resemble a river dimly illuminated by sullen starlight. Artful etching travels along the blade, complementing rather than distracting from the numerous ripples imparted into the metal by its forging process. Faceted eostones cling to the silver guard in a spiraled pattern, ranging in shade from sky blue to midnight. The sapphire-pommeled hilt is wrapped in dusky cerulean leather. Two spherical depressions adorn the krodera bastard sword, approximately the size and shape of a small gem. All of the gem chambers are currently empty.

Blued steel scabbard: Bound in dark, unpolished krodera the hue of soot, the steel of the scabbard is a dusky blue like that of a sky before storm. Glittering cerulean eostones glisten from settings within the krodera, and likely conceal rivets inherent to the scabbard's construction. Along one side, a segmented river serpent of metallic lacquer stretches to its full length, its bulk ghostly white, but the tips of its scales an astounding midnight blue.


  • 5x, ____ Crit Weighted

an ebon razern fish spine sword: Wrought from lightless black razern that carries a wicked edge, the sword looks like shadow given form. Only the faintest midnight blue pinpoints relieve the inky darkness of the blade, which is jagged in a way more reminiscent of a saw's teeth than a true edge. Below, the hilt is a spiral of ebony caught in a twist of scaled leather, with leaping fish of silver adorning its surface. You also notice a small enchanter's glyph.

a silver-bound ebony scabbard: Silver fish with lacquered blue and green scales glisten from the surface of the scabbard, which is carved from a single length of mirror-finished ebony. The smooth grain of the wood resembles the tranquil rippling of a pond disturbed by gentle breeze. Raw silk, dyed a lush sea green, lines the interior, and the scaled leather strap securing the scabbard has been imbued with dye of a matching hue.


  • 4x, Steam Flares

an argent imflass gauntlet-sword: Gleaming sea-green waves form along the surface of the gauntlet, presented in vibrant lacquer. Capped by silver-white foam, the jewel-bright waters extend almost to the foot of the blade sprouting from the back of the glove. Tiny diamonds encrust the knuckles and climb the surface of the blade, which is wrought of pale imflass. The spike of pale metal is long and slender, and otherwise unadorned save for the hallmarks of masterful forging.

a wave-crested silver imflass case: Bound by pure imflass dyed a snowy silver hue, the case's face is aglisten with cresting waves, their towering expanses given startling hue with the edge of vivid blue-green lacquer. Luxuriant blue velvet lines the case's interior, which boasts and impression that seems made for a large gauntlet. The case is suspended from a twining chain of silver, adorned with clusters of emerald, sapphire, and diamond.

Sentinel of the Depths

  • +22, unbalance flares, Adamantine Properties

A shell-inset adamantine main gauche: The hilt of the parrying dagger is carved from tortoiseshell, the darkness of which conceals a rich golden brown luster. Gilded snapping turtles' heads sprout to either side of the hilt to form a guard for the wielder's hand. Above, the blade is wrought from pure adamantine, the bright gleam of the metal contrasting oddly with its sullen grey hue.

a mithril-lined tortoiseshell sheath: Thick bands of mithril frame the tortoiseshell comprising the body of the sheath, which is black in hue but imbued with a rich coppery golden sheen. A turtle of gold marks one side, while the other is etched with its mate in bas-relief. Dark brown velvet lines the interior to protect the sheath's contents.


  • 4x, Ice Flares

a faceted rainbow glaes lance: Dark ghosts of prismatic hues lurk beneath the surface of the crystalline compound composing the blade. Perfect spherical bubbles, trapped deep within the shadowy volcanic glass, glisten like a miniature field of stars deep within the weapon's core. Vivid kelyn inlay, ranging from emerald to onyx in hue, forms a knotwork pattern wreathing the smooth faewood haft.

a silk strung inlaid-faewood sling: Knotted silk scarves form a meshed harness supporting a cylindrical tube, the dark fabric shot through with hints of prismatic color. Twin cylinders of spiraled faewood form the tube, joined together by a solid cuff of green and black kelyn. Inlaid into the glassy-smooth surface of the faewood are tiny chips of rainbow glaes forming strange geometric patterns.


  • 5x, Slightly Crit Weighted

a gleaming veil iron war hammer: The hammer's veil iron head glistens darkly, its surface suffused with a metallic charcoal hue. Motes of sapphire blaze from the surface of the iron, each speck within the metal little larger than a pinpoint but almost blindingly bright against their tenebrous surroundings. Worn smooth and carved from dark faewood, the haft is entwined by a grip of dark sueded leather pierced with a constellation of tiny starbursts.

a bound faewood case: Spills of dark velvet line the interior of the case, though winking hints of sapphire hue glisten from the fabric's surface. A hollow at the case's center, lent form by cushioning beneath the luxuriant fabric, provides space for a weapon with a long haft and large, squared head. Veil iron tracery binds the edges of the case, lending the stout faewood construction strength and stability.


  • 4x

a bejeweled grey ora hammer: Grey ora the hue of a sky tossed by storms comprises the hammer from head to haft, but the purity of the smooth metal is marred by whorls of sullen crimson. Jagged and incarnadine, a spike of eahnor-gilded metal spirals out of the weapon's zenith. Tiny almandine jewels adorn the long haft, coming to a halt at a grip of hardened leather, and warring in brilliance with a tremendous cabochon ruby winking below. A faint aura of holy light radiates from the hammer. There appears to be something written on it.

a ruby-studded grey ora sheath: Suspended from a harness of hardened leather, the sheath's composite ora is an angry storm grey. Impurities within the metal have brought out whorls of sullen crimson that swirl over the face of the sheath. A multifaceted ruby the size of a goose's egg glistens from one of the sides, trapped in a nest of frothing silver glistening with tiny almandines.

Sunderer's Tear

a crimson-swept grey rolaren backsword: Long and slightly curved, the shining rolaren comprising the backsword's blade ends in an inverted crescent tip etched with a single teardrop. Jagged patterns work their way down the grey steel of the blade, which is swept with tongues of livid crimson lacquer. The outer arch of the dark vaalorn guard is adorned with a thin stream of fiery jacinths that work their way toward a dark-veined cabochon despanal set into the hilt.

a grey-swept crimson rolaren scabbard: Streaks of dark grey lacquer weave across the face of the vivid carmine case like a waterfall of smoky tears. Bound in stygian vaalorn, the scabbard is long and slightly curved, polished to a shine reminiscent of fine crystal. Tiny despanals crown each of the vaalorn rivets. A wealth of velvet lines the scabbard's interior, crimson as freshly shed blood.


  • +17, Adamantine Properties

a silver-swept adamantine kris: The wavy blade of the kris is wrought from pure and gleaming adamantine, the natural blue-grey hue of which resembles an evening sky after the sun has sunk into the west. Thin patterns of polished silver sweep across the blade, traveling from near the hilt to the sharply pointed tip. Diamonds cling to the hilt and pommel, which are wrought from silver alloy, though the former is heavily swathed in pale leather. Two spherical depressions adorn the adamantine kris, approximately the size and shape of a small gem. All of the gem chambers are currently empty.

a silver-swept blue steel sheath: Sweeps of bright silver streak across the dark blue steel face of the scabbard like tiny comets across a darkening night sky. Etchwork in the steel forms tiny whorls and waves that convey a sense of frenetic movement. Suspended from a length of cerulean leather, the sheath is long enough to house a short sword, but curved as if intended to fit a wavy blade. The interior is protected by walls of dark blue velvet.


  • 5x

a falcon-hilted silvery ora sword: Spread-winged and fierce, a stylized falcon wrought from pale silver forms the guard of the sword, its golden legs stretching down the length of the hilt. Caught in the bird's talons is a bright opal, the depths of which swirl with hints of pastel color. The blade is finely honed, the twin gleaming edges bordering a length of ora so pale it appears suffused with wintery light. Illuminated patterns of falling feathers, gentle as the hints of color on the adorning gem, grace the length of the blade.

an opal-inlaid pale silver scabbard: Wavering like a reflection on a windswept pond, the image of a spread-winged falcon is emblazoned across the rippling argent surface of the scabbard. The metal bears a liquid sheen broken only by a raised border of stylized spirals flowing over its matched faces. Opals cling, fat and radiant, to the raised inlay, glimmers of prismatic color trapped just beneath their smooth, pale surfaces.


  • 4x, Acid Flares

a fel-hafted grey faenor handaxe: Dark green whorls arc through the rippled and folded metal forming the crescent blade, forming a hypnotic pattern that shifts with changes in ambient light. Razor-sharp, the edges are jagged and polished to a wet sheen. Crowning the blade is a pillar of clustered emerald crystals, their cores a lustrous grass green. Inlaid cabochons of the same verdant stone trail down the fel haft, the grip of which is twined in hardened viridian leather. You also notice a small enchanter's glyph.

a fel-bound grey faenor sheath: Swirls of dark green hue arc through the sheer faenor of the sheath, twining about inlaid cabochon emeralds that glisten from the surface like winking eyes. Polished dark fel binds the scabbard, the smooth-grained wood riveted with viridian imflass. Lush green velvet lines the interior, its rich shade lent dimension by lighter threads interspersed through the weave.


  • 4x, Void Flares

a bone-inlaid ebon mithglin awl-pike: Fluting of aged and polished bone travels in flourishing bands down the long, straight orase haft of the weapon, bordered to either side by bands of midnight blue lacquer. Separated from the slender, straight blade of shadowy mithglin by a conical metal guard, the hilt is capped by a spherical onyx. Faint waves are visible in the dark metal of the spear, racing toward the long, tapered point.

a cord-strung black mithglin harness: The stygian mithglin comprising the weapon holster is broken by stark bone inlay taking the form of interlocking rings. Suspended from a harness of hard, dark leather, the circlet of mithglin is secured by stout rivets of midnight blue-lacquered metal. Lining the interior of the holster is luxuriant black velvet that glistens like a raven's wings.


  • 9x/11x undead bane, Enhancive (+15 THW Bonus, +7 Strength Bonus) , VHCW’d, T5 Ensorcell, Blink Flares, Crush Flares, Rot Flares

Wrought from eonake as white as sunlight shining off a fresh snowfall, the head of the maul is massive and ornate, bearing mithril-gilded bas-reliefs on either side. One relief features a stylized fist wreathed in blue flames, and the other a pale golden key. A massive haft holds the hammer's head aloft, carved of silvery illthorn and inlaid with mother-of-pearl bands that lend resplendent color to the silvery wood beneath. Two spherical depressions adorn the white eonake sledgehammer, approximately the size and shape of a small gem.

a pearlescent mithril-bound loop: You glance at the loop. Dazzling displays of color lurk just beneath the pale surface of the mother-of-pearl plating abounding the hardened white leather loop. While clearly the product of nature rather than craft, the rainbowed hues of the material seem to conceal the dim outline of a fist wreathed in blue flames. Bands of blued mithril border the mother-of-pearl on top and bottom, etched with a pattern of interlocking keys so subtle that it might be imagined.


a golden-edged dark vaalorn hatchet - Bearing a razor-honed edge of gleaming golden metal, the body of the hatchet's crescent head has been imbued with a deeper bronze hue. Twisting wyverns of etchwork twine over their blade, while mated creatures of jewel-toned dye spiral up the coppery leather girp gracing the haft. Hewn from silvery witchwood, the haft is possessed of a smooth, almost silken grain. Two spherical depressions adorn the dark vaalorn hatchet, approximately the size and shape of a small gem. All of the gem chambers are currently empty.

a gilded leather axe loop: Coppery leather braids forming the axe loop are brushed with scales of delicate gilt, which stands out vividly against the darkly tanned hide. Dangling from the axe loop is a spread-winged wyvern of gold. The detail put into its crafting is intricate: every scale is painstakingly shaped, twin rubies stare hungrily from its eye sockets, and tiny teeth of ivory glisten from its maw.

Just Weapons


  • 10x, Wonderfully Crit Weighted, 6 slot (this is displayed on the wall of his shop)

etched dark rolaren longsword: Wrought of stormcloud-dark rolaren, the long, slender blade ripples with waves of metal. Enhancing those trademarks of the forging process are bits of etchwork picking out the silhouettes of romping boars, deer, and other woodland beasts. A cabochon frost opal caps the metal hilt, which is embraced by a thick cushioning of scaled blue-black relnak hide. Six spherical depressions adorn the dark rolaren longsword, approximately the size and shape of a small gem. All of the gem chambers are currently empty.

By Moonlight Undone

a thin-bladed silvery rolaren espadon: The tapered blade of the espadon has been folded hundreds, if not thousands, of times, producing an intricate pattern of striations across the metal's surface. A line of runes is inscribed down the length of the blade, each carving filled with black imflass so they remain completely flush with the surface around them, and next to each rune is an engraving of Liabo or Lornon, in a different phase of the lunar cycle. Set in the center of the crossguard is a circular white moonstone, flecked with silver. Two spherical depressions adorn the silvery rolaren espadon, approximately the size and shape of a small gem. All of the gem chambers are currently empty.

Dying Light

an ember-hued thin golvern machera: Smooth as silk and reflecting light as if it were the surface of a still lake, the golvern blade is free from adornment or etching. Despite its size, it is no crude work; the blade is razor-straight through its length and around its midsection it gently tapers toward the hilt. Swirled across its lustrous surface is the dark cerise hue of a fire about to die. Beneath an ornate guard of golvern the color of molten gold, the hilt is wrapped in a double twine of hide and ornamented with crimson firestones. Two spherical depressions adorn the thin golvern machera, approximately the size and shape of a small gem. All of the gem chambers are currently empty.

Empty Earth

  • Found without Sheath EG 2011

a silver-hilted mottled green espadon: The blade is long and carefully sharpened to retain its deadly edge, and the vultite has been dyed a mottled brown and green, reminiscent of a forest canopy. Circular impressions run down the center of the blade, beginning as tiny dots near the tip, to larger circles near the crossguard. The hilt is crafted of elaborate silver filigree that weaves through itself several times before coming back together at the base of the suede-wrapped grip. The pommel is capped with a heavy piece of petrified wood.


  • 4x, MCWed

a grey-swirled celadon faenor greataxe: Dark-grey arteries shoot through the folded faenor comprising the huge, double-crescent blade, swirling like skeins of smoke rising from a fire. Razor-thin, the edge of the blade is well-oiled and devoid of wear or tear. Clutching the zenith of the varnished pine haft is a lizard carved from jungle green jade, its dark eyes staring toward the forward blade. Patterns echoing the blade's veining stretch down the haft, which is otherwise adorned with a grip of agate grey suede.

Flaming Invective

a drakar-spiked golden rolaren mace: Spikes of drakar cover the spherical golden surface of the mace, their hues varying through ruddy shades to vibrant crimson tones. Each individual spike is carved to resemble a column of flame, bonfire, or some sort of conflagration. A handle of thick, charred ironwood attaches to the bottom of the mace's head, wrapped in lengths of natural leather. Two spherical depressions adorn the golden rolaren mace, approximately the size and shape of a small gem. All of the gem chambers are currently empty.

Fourth Knock

a stormy grey adamantine knuckle-duster: Streaks of silver outline the darker and lighter swirls on the adamantine surface of this knuckle-duster. The argent limning is incredibly thin, weaving in and out of the darker tones around it, forming an outline like lightning illuminating a storm cloud. An incised hexagonal stud, bordered with golvern wire, is visible on each loop of the knuckle-duster.

Green Rider

a faenor-banded silvery lor staff: Bands of faenor swirl down the staff from tip to butt, barding it heavily to reinforce the wood. The verdant metal is not uniform in hue, ranging in places from the hue of growing grass to the shade of fresh-picked olives, and it stands in stark contrast to the lor's pale silvery grain. Crowning the staff is a rearing horse wrought from imflass and mithril, its hooves outlined in sunny gold.

On Golden Wings

a golvern-edged dark vaalorn waraxe: Bearing a razor-honed edge of gleaming golden metal, the body of the hatchet's crescent head darkens to a deeper bronze hue. Etchings of wyverns twisting in flight twine over the blade, while mated creatures of jewel-toned dye spiral up the coppery leather grip gracing the haft. Hewn from silvery witchwood, the haft is possessed of a smooth, almost silken grain. Two spherical depressions adorn the dark vaalorn waraxe, approximately the size and shape of a small gem. All of the gem chambers are currently empty.

Seer of Endings

a gold-hilted vultite short sword: The pale blue length of vultite forming the blade of the short sword is inlaid with a pattern of etched eyes bordered by spread wings. More diamond eyes adorn the golden hilt and pommel, arranged in clusters of six and eight. A softened grip of rolton hide is twined around the hilt, pierced with a pattern of falling feathers. Two spherical depressions adorn the vultite short sword, approximately the size and shape of a small gem. All of the gem chambers are currently empty.

Sky Render

a dusky blue vaalorn scimitar: Guarded by a swept-hilt of blued steel, the hexagonal mistwood hilt of the blade is embraced by a grip of gold-threaded midnight blue leather. Patterns of forked lightning, picked out in golden inlay, arc up the surface of the metal. They dance through the foldings and ripples inherent to the forging process, creating the image of electricity shooting through a night sky consumed by storm.