Berrytoe's Bare Essentials

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Berrytoe's Bare Essentials is the general store in Icemule Trace. This shop also has backroom access for Berrytoe's favored customers. It is located one block south of the bank on Trader's Way and also contains Blackfinger's Locks through the sturdy steel door.

[Berrytoe's General Store] RNUM: 2424
Polished barrels and decoratively etched crates draped in bright cloth have been placed strategically around the shop to attract the eyes of milling customers to the wares set out upon them. A round glass skylight in the ceiling above casts moonbeams on a miniature snow-covered village placed on a stand in the center of the room. A group of dwarves off to the side haggles furiously with a flustered sales assistant, while behind a counter against the the opposite wall, the merchant Berrytoe stands with a welcoming smile. You also see a mist-filled silver bowl, a sturdy steel door, a freshly painted wooden counter and a snowflake-etched rhimar-bound barrel.


  1. a pouch                            17. a belt
  2. a sealskin pouch                   18. a sash
  3. a small walrus hide pouch          19. a black leather whip
  4. a sack                             20. a bone-hilted iron hunting knife
  5. a thick ebon wolf hide bag         21. a notched dark iron cleaver
  6. a bright cobalt leather bag        22. a triple-tined rusted iron pitchfork
  7. a backpack                         23. a leather-bound iron woodsman's axe
  8. a dark grey wool pack              24. a large bottle of milk
  9. a tan leather backpack             25. a plump white snowberry
  10. a harness                         26. a juicy black grumbleberry
  11. a sinew-woven wolf hide harness   27. a round spice-flecked dumpling
  12. a buckled rabbit pelt harness     28. a slice of smoked caribou jerky
  13. a scabbard                        29. a loaf of buttery nut bread
  14. a narwhal hide scabbard           30. a small bottle of kumys
  15. a tooled grey leather sheath      36. an herb pouch
  16. a sheath                         

  Backroom Catalog
  31. a carved wooden case   34. a jam-stained bag
  32. a spidersilk sack      35. a pair of pale kidskin gloves
  33. a spidersilk pack     


This item is available in the following colors or finishes:

  1. off-white             8. mint green            15. charcoal
  2. ivory                 9. emerald               16. jet black
  3. berry red             10. sky blue             17. onyx
  4. pale rose             11. navy                 18. coffee-hued
  5. sanguine              12. amethyst             19. dirt brown
  6. tangerine             13. dark lilac           20. coppery
  7. saffron               14. dusky grey           21. golden

This item is available in the following materials or features:

  1. leather               6. canvas                11. felt
  2. suede                 7. cotton                12. kidskin
  3. aquerne               8. cameline              13. wool
  4. broadcloth            9. chamois              
  5. buckskin              10. doeskin     

GM NOTE: This inventory list is out of date as of late 5117 as the shop inventory was updated by GM Elysani and the interior was redesigned by ICICLE with approval from GM Necios.
Editor Note: Standard inventory validated and room description updated 11/21/2020.

All pouches are beltworn and hold VSA except the herb pouch which holds small amount, sacks/bags are beltworn and hold medium, backpacks hold significant, harnesses hold medium, and scabbards/sheathes hold fairly small except for the plain sheath that holds VSA.

Some front room items have long descriptions:

# Full Item Description
2. a silver-weighted charcoal sealskin pouch
3. a small walrus hide pouch with an oily sheen
6. a bright cobalt leather bag with thick wool tassels
8. a steel-framed dark grey wool pack
9. a tan leather backpack with a heavy suede bottom
12. a buckled harness of peppered rabbit pelts
14. a cross-bound narwhal hide scabbard
15. a tooled grey brushed leather sheath
19. a black leather single-tailed whip