Blackfinger's Locks

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Blackfinger's Locks is the locksmith shop in Icemule Trace. It is located within Berrytoe's General Store, just south of the bank on Trader's Way. As with other town locksmiths, he offers both box picking services and the tools for aspiring locksmiths to do it themselves.

[Blackfinger's Locks] RNUM: 2425
The walls of this small room are lined with small, gold-framed cases holding some of Blackfinger's finer wares. Ranging from diamond-encrusted lockpicks to the simplest pick, the cases glow in the warm candlelight. A low oak workstand lines one wall of the room, on which Blackfinger cheerfully works his talents. You also see a scarred and scratched oak barrel, a sturdy steel door, the merchant Blackfinger, a polished wooden counter with a brass bell on it and a small sign.


  1. a dark red copper lockpick           7. a petrified tiger fang lockpick
  2. a twisted steel lockpick             8. a slender kelyn lockpick
  3. a platinum ora-tipped lockpick       9. a jade-handled invar lockpick
  4. an ivory-inlaid mithril lockpick     10. a dark leather locksmith's pouch
  5. a glaes-handled scrimshaw lockpick   11. a set of professional calipers
  6. an opal-studded alum lockpick


You see nothing unusual about the merchant Blackfinger.