Bettleforth's Rugs

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Bettleforth's Rugs is the Premium Home Floor Covering shop in Zul Logoth. It is located southeast of Clerane's Wall Hangings in the Furniture Foyer.

[Bettleforth's Rugs]
Hung from thick metal pegs on the walls are a number of rugs and other floor coverings. Several empty crates have been stacked in the corner beside a simple invar-braced table. You also see an etched pale slate sign and Bettleforth.


      Price  Item
1.)   20000  a silver-hued thick wool rug
2.)   20000  a pitch black centaur hide rug
3.)   20000  a toadstool-embroidered circular rug
4.)   20000  an emerald green woven mat
5.)   20000  a rugged shaggy brown mat
6.)   20000  a bone-fringed pale grey rug
7.)   20000  a pure white coarsely threaded rug
8.)   20000  a fiery red woven mat
9.)   20000  a golden yellow woven mat
10.)  20000  a deep blue woven mat