Birth of Tribal Magic

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Sahaegin says, "I speak next of Age of Chaos and Beyond"

Sahaegin says, "and... The Trinity of Truefolk"

Sahaegin says, "The Birth of Tribal Magic"

Sahaegin says, "The halfling tribes gradually recovered from the ravages of the Undead War, both in terms of population as well as pessimism."

Sahaegin says, "Tales of Truefolk becoming silent and withdrawn, and finally riding off never to be seen again, finally ended."

Sahaegin says, "This irrecoverable depression was seen by some to be a scourge born of their Gods' disapproval with the Truefolk, a punishment for having been associated with the demon summoning."

Sahaegin sighs.

Sahaegin says, "They called the malady the Maelaish, and likewise used the term to refer to those claimed by its darkness."

Sahaegin says, "For many years the halflings vehemently avoided contact or interaction with outlanders, or 'Others.'"

Sahaegin says, "If any, especially elves, approached their encampment, they acted as if the intruders did not exist."

Sahaegin says, "They carried on with their normal activities, simply walking around any outsider as though he or she did not exist. However, at dawn of the next day, the visitors awoke and found the whole community had vanished."

Tanager says, "Were they never attacked, when they ignored the intruders? It seems a... dangerous... way of life."

Sahaegin says, "Well, the elves in those days didn't, for the most part, even seem aware of their existence. And if aware, they deemed the halflings of less notice than the lowly animals inhabiting those lands."

Sahaegin says, "At a historically significant Trine some fifty years after Maelshyve, the Truefolk arrived at a monumental decision guided by a Trine Father named Finryst Carlsonne."

Sahaegin says, "Carlsonne was a visionary leader in terms of historical far-sightedness, and urged his people to embrace magic and develop it, for purposes of not only advancing their population's success in making a living, but in their ability to protect themselves from others' magical workings"

Sahaegin says, "His proposal met with great resistance at first, fueled by the memory of magic gone awry at Maelshyve and its punishments on the halfling tribes."

Sahaegin says, "However, Finryst, an admirable orator with great charisma, was finally able to convert his opposition to his opinions and gain the unanimous ruling necessary for passing the Trine."

Sahaegin says, "Magic was embraced and a search was initiated to find those Truefolk youth who exhibited a talent for the art."

Sahaegin says, "Guiding this endeavor was an expatriate Illistim elf by the name of Memailly Rachidesic."

Sahaegin smiles.

Sahaegin says, "Memailly Rachidesic, the Avatar"

Sahaegin says, "Having been expelled from her home in the city of Ta'Illistim in her early adulthood, purportedly for breaking certain rules regarding the casting of dark magic, Memailly traveled north and eventually happened upon a settlement of Mhoragian halflings. "

Sahaegin says, "It was later proposed that these charges were construed."

Sahaegin says, "Although weak from the hardships of her journey, she was fascinated by the small, hardy folk and smitten by the ritual-rich existence she observed in them"

Sahaegin says, "As they worked at their normal activities all around her without apparently noticing her, she carefully watched all that they did."

Sahaegin says, "At the end of the day, she knew that she had found what she set out to discover months before. She had found the Mhoraga tribe. She was home."

Sahaegin says, "That night, although near physical exhaustion, Memailly sat before the main campfire of the settlement and pondered the problem of convincing the tribe to accept her, to recognize her and communicate."

Sahaegin says, "The problem and its possible solutions denied her the comfort of sleep"

Sahaegin says, "She was heartily grateful for this when, in the last couple hours of darkness, the camp silently came alive."

Sahaegin says, "Gers were struck with amazing speed and nary a sound was heard other than a slight rustle of canvas bags and tack."

Sahaegin says, "As the whole settlement set off into the darkness, Memailly followed them, leaving most of the small amount of provisions and gear she still retained."

Sahaegin says, "She was simply too exhausted to carry much more than herself."

Sahaegin says, "The halflings walked all the coming day."

Sahaegin says, "In mid-afternoon, the group stopped for a rest. Thankful for the chance to sit, Memailly drew her water bag to her lips for a much needed drink. It was empty."

Sahaegin says, "The seemingly endless expanse of the steppes stretched into the distance, with no sign of water in any direction."

Sahaegin says, "None-the-less, she said nothing to the halflings sitting in groups around her, sharing water and tough, brown strips of jerky."

Sahaegin says, "Hearing a small rustle, Memailly realized her eyes had fallen shut."

Sahaegin furrows her brow.

Sahaegin says, "She blinked in confusion for a moment, and saw the group was already on the move."

Sahaegin says, "Leaping up, she stepped forward to follow, and almost tripped over her water bag. It was now full."

Sahaegin says, "She drew a blessed mouthful of cold, sweet water, and set off once again, following the tough little people she hoped so desperately to join."

Sahaegin says, "For three days and nights, the halflings marched"

Sahaegin says, "Memailly only allowed herself to doze fitfully during their rare rest stops, constantly afraid they would slip away if she truly slept."

Sahaegin says, "At the end of the third day, as the halflings stopped for their evening meal, Memailly sat down heavily and tried to focus her eyes."

Sahaegin says, "She knew she could not get up again once the halflings returned to the march"

Sahaegin sighs.

Sahaegin says, "In resigned despair, she slumped over on her side and fell instantly into a deep sleep."

Sahaegin says, "The following morning, Memailly awoke to find a bustling settlement of gers erected all around her."

Sahaegin says, "As she blearily glanced about her, an ancient little halfling grandmother knelt beside her and offered her a cup of warm tea. "

Sahaegin says, "In surprise and gratitude, Memailly accepted the cup."

Sahaegin says, "As she drank, the woman chuckled and said something to her Memailly didn't understand."

Sahaegin says, "The thing she did understand however was that the ordeal was over, and, against all odds, she had passed the test."

Sahaegin says, "She lived the remainder of her life with the Mhoragian halflings and became the subject of many legends told among the Truefolk."