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BlackDrake is a dice game offered in the Game Room of the Four Winds Halls (PREMIUM 4 for directions to the one in your town). It is played similar to classic Blackjack.

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  The rules are simple.  You can KNOCK the dice to
  change the value of your bet.  You can ROLL the dice
  to start a game of BlackDrake.  You *must* KNOCK the table
  when you are done rolling.  You should wait until everyone
  at the table has had the chance to do their first roll
  before KNOCKing.  KNOCKing earlier can shut them off from
  joining that game.  Possible bet values are 100, 500,
  1000, 5000, 10000, 50000, 100000, 500000.

  The object is to roll a total closest to 21 without
  going over.  If you go over 21, you lose that game.
  On the first roll, you roll 3 8-sided dice, on the second
  roll you roll 2 8-sided dice, and on the third and
  subsequent rolls, you will roll a single 8-sided die.  If
  you roll a RedDrake on any of the dice, you lose that game.
  If the dealer rolls beats your own, you lost that game.

  A BlackDrake will always count as 7 on the initial roll.
  Thereafter the BlackDrake will count as either a 1 or
  a 7, whichever is more advantageous to the player.
  However, once you have rolled again, the value of the
  BlackDrake becomes fixed.

  Current bet is 1000 silvers.


A BlackDrake straight (Three rolled BlackDrakes on original roll)
     Pays 50:1
     Current Payout:  50,000 silvers
Beating the House
     Pays 2:1
     Current Payout:  2,000 silvers
Push with the House
     Pays 1:1
     Current Payout:  1,000 silvers
Two or more BlackDrakes in a winning roll
     Pays extra 1/5 of payout on win
     (Does not pay on BlackDrake Straight or a Push)
One BlackDrake in a winning roll
     Pays extra 1/10 of payout on win
     (Does not pay on BlackDrake Straight or a Push)