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This is a creative work set in the world of Elanthia, attributed to its original author(s). It does not necessarily represent the official lore of GemStone IV.

Title: The Free North News Issue #4

Author: Various

OOC Disclaimer: The following is about Empire, revolution, settler colonialism, and it’s many consequences. The opinions stated here are to be taken in character and should not be taken as out of character judgements. It is intended as in chracter rhetoric. Except that we should have a rolton cryptid. Oh and do not insert into any orifices. Or do, I’m just not legally responsible for it.

IC Disclaimer: The Black Thorns are more of a collective, and less of a organization with heirachy and a roster. Please do not take the perspective of one member to apply to all of us.

Masked and hooded figures zoom with purpose carrying bundles of papers through the halls and tunnels of the Rusty Cutlass. A blonde man with curly hair and barks directions from his hammock while puffing on a cigar.

"Who are you...?" the bird mask almost conveyed the speaker's confusion and sadness. Since the Raid the chain of command had been in further shambles than usual. They needed guidance and the all they had now was this loud man downing cigars and boat drinks.

"I'm your new mom," the man announced then pounded on the walls of the Den. "Now get me panels of Manrolt!"

Created in Midjourney Edited by player of Ceilia & Dendum uploaded by player of Dendum

The Faerinn Well, Notes from the Editor

OOC Disclaimer: The following are the in character views of Faerinn. While things may be embellished or exaggerated to help make a point or to entertain, the facts stated here are as far as Faerinn is aware true.

I was watching the ships go by while swinging in my new hammock in my new Den, and trying to compile this issue's Well. This is all part of the process and trust in the process. However, there is so much that could be said right now. My upcoming envoy campaign, how probably everyone involved in the Rook trial should have recused themselves, how Talon got those Aldorans killed in far away swamp, or speculate on how the Inquisition still hasn't figured out that Kasendra was pushed in a jealous fit of rage after having been poisoned shortly beforehand by a different party. So I'm going to go in a different direction. I'm going to use my platform here to elevate the words of anonymous thorn.

Faerinn Greatsinger, Esq, of Talador and Loenthra

Faerinn's Den, Ivastean 31, 5123

The Editor hard at work, generated by MidJourney. Made by Faerinn's player.

Just Words

Just Words

Since the announcement of the Barony’s arrival upon our home, we, the concerned citizens of Wehnmier’s Landing, took to the streets to express our worries about that frontier town we call home slipping away. We spoke respectfully, documenting our desires and fears to an ally that became too familiar, too comfortable enough that they could encroach upon our lands without recourse.

To them, it was just words.

The reivers came to our lands, uneasy about a new occupant to land they claimed, suddenly usurped without conversation. They initially came in peace, asking for a different course, accepting but growing restless with the lack of regard for their space.

To them, it was just words.

As Thorns, we took out quill and parchment, calling for a referendum against our former Mayor and demanding this position be decided by the people he served, the citizens he represented.

To Thadston, it was just words.

As Thorns, we fought for the safety and security of our home, standing with allies and shedding blood and risking our lives against Gnul, which his evil spawned in opposition to the Empire’s move.

To Amos, it was just words…words that resulted in banishment from Consortium-affiliated businesses.

We aided the settlers, extending a hand to those set to our frontier, in harm's way, without sufficient protection. We donated socks and clothing to those held by the harshness of winter’s embrace, warm wool to shield away exposed skin from frostbite and the painful flurries of snow.

To them, it was just words.

We stood at the gates as the reivers fought a war not involving the Landing, keeping their targets in the wild and not within our town walls. We held firm, keeping our citizens safe.

To our elected officials, it was just words.

Councilors whose actions go against the very oath of their position. If they are so helpless in using their station to effect change, even going as far as to conspire with the Rooks. Rooks who were considered terrorists and vandals to the sanctity of our home. They speak on the Thorns’ stance as just words, yet some of our elected officials' pledges to our town go against the very fabric of their charged duty. Perhaps their campaign promises were merely…just words.

Upon the knee-jerk reaction of the hothead Thadston, those accused of their crimes were given a trial and due process. Yet Jadedragan never received these privileges, as a town guard accosted him with a club and dragged him out of town. Perhaps it was their rights for those in power, but for Jade…it was just words.

They speak upon the writings throughout town as just words, dismissing the heart of those who oppose the Empire. They immediately saw through Bodohal’s treachery, who donated silvers and honored the fallen 30 killed by the mad pirate’s ship. Those words head steadfast while others deceive through allegiances to many. When one’s position is as varied as the number of loyalties they hold, their position is less than…just words.

The ruling showed that words carry heft in value for some, while they are irrelevant for others. Due process is only afforded to those like Amos, who can buy off their punishment for his people while leaving Jadedragan to suffer for his charges without a trial. For those who still maintain fears, doubts, and disbelief, their words are cast aside like scraps of old parchment that have run their course. And yet, they trust those such as Elidal, who, despite his insistence that this will lead to a better day, has offered…just words.

To Alendial. We hope you have more to offer than just words.

News for the North!

  • Nothing happens in the realm of Vornavis, rumors of any conflict between the elven nations and the merciless human empire appear to be greatly exaggerated...the recent trend in the launching point for nothern invasions appears to be talking about Aldoran Rocktending.
  • Samfelt the traitor- The majority of former councilors and a former mayor were found in the Rusty Cutlass and accused of being Rooks after the traitor Samfelt turned them in! No doubt the empire will award him with more titles in the future!
  • A Ceremony of Mourning was Conducting in the landing for those killed by Bodohol- Silvers were collected for the families of the deceased. Thirty One dead due to the failures of the imperial navy.
  • Giant things in Icemule- Icemule has had ongoing talks with several giant tribes of the north, things look to be heating up in the great north...literally because there is also rumors of a new volcano!
  • The Landing has a new mayor! The North said goodbye and good riddance to metal man! Alendrial is now the pinnacle of the landing, Thadston is the rump of a rolton.

The Empire's Peace - by Dendum

Traitors, the landing is awash with this word. From Samfelt to councilors the north knows traitors and the Malwind is eager to heap praise on any willing to turn a dagger on their northern kin. However besides a small handful of weak-willed with ill-intent, the North stands united.

Empire likes it when the North turns against itself, look at the glee in their eyes as we fall upon the Reivers. Look at the joy as Sablo rips limb from body of the farmers under the mountain. Who will they claim is our enemy next simply because they do not want Empire? Perhaps it will be the Faendryl or the Dhe’nar, perhaps the Dwarves or the Kobolds, most likely it will be someone you do not call foe today but do not worry Empire will be here to explain to you why you are wrong. Every voice in the north opposed to Empire is forced to be our foe?

We have the new Mayor. This is good because of the options she was the best. However even this former Mother of Rooks wishes the landing to act as a slave showing off for masters in the hopes we are treated well. She denounces those few voices from Icemule that have an opinion while ignoring the deafening chorus for Solhaven screeching like banshees.

THIS is Truth, for every warrior from Solhaven with a head up the empire’s rear, who the Malwind’s state is equal to a dozen normal warriors, Icemule has sent the same year after year to protect the Landing. They should be recognized as equal friends or equal foes but they are not different, they are not better or worse because of the direction they come from.

THIS is Truth, our militia is seen by many to be the right hand of empire. Corrupt and in bed with the Southlanders, a lesser shadow of other organizations in the North when it should be the core of the north’s defense. Many wish to join in defense of the landing but will not join to be the lesser shadow of Knights and Barons.

THIS is Truth, the protectorate still hangs as a chain around the neck of the Landing. As long as it remains there is no talk of “partnership” just as there is no partnership between slave and master there is only levels of servitude. The protectorate could be abolished tomorrow with no ill effect on any of Empire but it can not remain without ill effect on the Landing. Which of you will Empire snatch up for fake justice in corrupt southern courts? Which merchant will have trade stopped because it does not favor Empire?

“We are all Rooks” they shout in the streets…and this is truth because we are all constantly having to watch over backs and shoulders for the next imperial aggression, the next enemy of Empire, the next Baron’s worthless words……we are all Rooks but we did not all chose to be.

-Dendum the Wind in the Willow

Tikba for Envoy

My fellow citizens,

In three short weeks the people of Wehnimer's Landing will come together for the first time to elect two Regional Envoys, tasked with serving the Landing by representing its interests in foreign courts. As you consider your decision, a few concerns may arise that I think it best to now call to your attention.

An envoy of Wehnimer's Landing must be somebody who believes in Wehnimer's Landing. The voice of the people should not issue from a doubtful tongue. We must hope to select a representative who is proud to speak of the Landing's unique virtues, who is not afraid to say that in Wehnimer's Landing all are equal, none are rulers, and every voice is heard.

An envoy of Wehnimer's Landing must be reliable. In these tumultuous times, there is no telling what difficulties and complications will arise, requiring the delicate touch of the Landing's ambassadors. We will need somebody who will be ready to speak, or act, when the moment comes. When the Landing is beset by enemies, consider who you are happiest to see there to stand for it.

An envoy of Wehnimer's Landing must be a diplomat. We are surrounded on all sides by great powers. Some consider themselves our ally; some our enemy; and some, perhaps, cannot decide. An envoy must be ready to speak with each one, knowing that the words they have to say may not be received with good humor, and prepared to convince those powers that we mean them only the best. An envoy should be someone you are happy to speak with, even when you disagree with them.

I hope you will consider these requirements carefully when it comes time to make your choice. And, having done so, if you decide that I would be the most appropriate candidate, I would be honored to serve.

I am, your obedient servant,

Tikba Liwan Ne'mara Marluen'dar

Ask Lithyia

Dear Miss Lithy,

I am worried about the knitting circles in which a good friend of mine has found herself. She is quite impressionable, and this particular group is what one might consider nefarious. Do you suppose I can convince her to rip out a few rows and get the project of her life back on track?


Vexed in Vornavis

Dear Vexed in Vornavis,

I'm sorry you are feeling distressed about your good friend. Perhaps she is simply on a journey of finding herself. Perhaps it's a mid-life crisis. It could also be too much time spent in Wehnimer's Landing (does she live there?). That place can make a person a bit...unstable...or so I've heard. The best thing you can do is be there for your friend, even when you don't agree with her actions. There's a good chance she's going to do what she wants anyway. Best of luck! Miss Lithy

PS There's nothing nefarious about knitting.

On Davard - by Dendum

generated by MidJourney by player of Dendum, used with permission.
In tales of old, where legends dwell,
There lived a knight, Davard of Talador, they tell,
His heart ablaze, his spirit bold,
A warrior fierce, his story to unfold.
With armor gleaming, his sword held high,
He swore an oath, vengeance in his eye,
For his liege lord, betrayed and slain,
He sought retribution, his justice to attain.
In Wehnimer's Landing, standing alone in the night
Davard besieged, his heart consumed by the fight,
His love, fair Cosima, torn from his embrace, 
Her life extinguished, leaving only a trace.
Through the moonlit nights, he planned his scheme,
To capture the town, fulfill his vengeful dream, 
Yet darkness beckoned, whispered in his ear, 
And Davard, ensnared, succumbed to its fear.
The shadows clung to his tormented soul, 
His noble purpose twisted, beyond control,
His armor tarnished, stained with despair,
He traded honor for a malevolent affair.
With every passing day, the the future grew dim
Destruction and sorrow, his legacy grew grim
The town resisted, united and brave, 
Against the corrupted knight, a town to save.
But Davard, blinded by his seething ire,
Lost sight of the truth, consumed by dark desire, 
In the flames of his rage, he withered away, 
A tragic figure, ensnared in his own decay.
And as the final battle waged its might,
Davard's soul crumbled, enveloped in blight, 
Defeat loomed large, his purpose unveiled, 
A fallen hero, his destiny derailed.
The town stood strong, triumphant at last,
Their resolve unyielding, their spirit steadfast, 
Though Davard's path led to ruin and strife, 
His tale serves as a warning, a caution in life.
For vengeance, when sought, can consume the soul,
Leading even noble hearts down a treacherous hole, 
Let us remember Davard's tragic descent,
Cleave to the light or be forgotten, destroyed with purpose rent.

Help Wanted and Classifieds

Ask Lithyia!

Ever wondered how to navigate a crowded ball room?
Need help chosing between two suitors?
Ask the questions you are afraid to ask and get expert advice!
Mail your questions to Lithyia! Confidentiality guaranteed!

Mercenary Captain Needed!

Looking for someone with experience forming a mercenary unit to help build an organization dedicated to the protection of the landing. Both sign on bonus and monthly silvers available. Pay based on performance! – Seek out the Black Thorns.

Nails & Ales by Yardie

Manicures done by the Blade of the Faendryl!
Multiple Colors to choose from, it's not just nails it's an experience!
See Yardie for Details!
Award Winning Ale!


Do not forget to Vote
They can not take away your voice!

Escort Needed

Halfing dignitary in need of escort to Icemule
Looking fer sum help on gettin up to da mule!
Seek out the Adventure Guild for more Details

Wood for Sale!

Come by your local bowyer and try out our fantastic woods for sale!

We are all Rooks!

They do not stand alone!

The Tale of (Failed Mayoral Candidate) Old Dom - by by Anon Imus Bystendar

generated by MidJourney, generated by player of Dendum, used with permission.

He sat by the fireside, the stoutest table in Helga’s tavern supporting his massive frame, holding court over the assorted rabble, Shanty Town friends and nemeses looking on with admiration, disdain, or a dash of both. Dominucci the Elder, Old Dom to most and Hairy Dom to those wanting a punch in the face, surveyed the crowded bar before him.

Tonight was Dom’s night, his candidacy for mayor was to begin here amongst his people. He threw back his beer, slammed the empty mug on the table, and pounded the table with his massive paw of a hand to gain the room’s attention.

“Aye, bet yas wonder why it is I be here tonight?”

From deep across the bar came the first retort. ``Old Dom, ya arse, you be here with your soused self every damn night. What you harp’n on abouts this eve?”

Dom nodded to the voice in the crowd. “Tonight be special. Tonight I bark on a new journey.”

Another voice cut him off. “Yas some kinda weredog nows?”

“No, it’s what ‘em fancy folks say when they be start’n things. They be bark’n on journeys and adventures and all that.”

“Dommy boy, why ‘tem richie riches bark’n so much at ‘tings ‘tere?”

It dawned on Old Dom that if he didn’t take the room back here and now that he might lose control of his messaging. Perhaps he shouldn’t have started his campaign at 3am in a bar.

“Shut yas traps, ya arseholes, I be run’n for mayor.

A young boy closer to his table spit out his beer laughing. “Old Dom, you ain’t run’n anywhere. You is a bit portly for all that, eh?”

Dom sighed the first of what would be many. “Nah, that’s what thems folks says when yas try to be mayor. Yas gotta run for mayor and get them votes from the likes of yas.”

The boy’s friend chimed in “So it be like a race? Yas mayor peoples gotta run around the town? I gots my money on that Amos one, he’ll rig it.”

“It ain’t a race!” He slammed his fist down on the table and the crowd quieted some. “I’m here tonight to get me campaign go’n and tells yas about me platform.”

Stinky Tom’s brother, sensing Dom’s souring mood, ventured to raise a hand. Dom nodded for him to proceed with his question, finally content at some order in the room.

“If yas need a platform, mayhaps yas can use the stage the next room over.”

Old Dom lowered his head to the table for a moment, but gathered himself and pressed on. “I wanna be the next mayor ‘round these parts. So I wanna tell yas all what I’m think’n we should be do’n.”

A half-elf over by the bar laughed. “I heard yas gots a garbage service now, gonna clean up the town, yeah?”

Dom nodded. “Aye, some fancy lady was complaining ‘bout all them trash from them politics peoples, figured I could make a coin or two help’n the town…” A voice cut him short from somewhere he couldn’t see.

“Ain’t you part of the group write’n all them things anyways? You make’n all that trash in the first place! Smart business make’n all that garbage and then pick’n it up for coins! This be like when you trained all them raccoons!”

His political team, a squat man named Jarv that was either a short human or tall dwarf, handed him a fresh frothy mug, while he shook his head at the last assertion. “Allegedly…”

Dom took another deep pull from his mug.

“Well is you a Black Thorn or not?”

Another voice cut off his response. “Nah, I heard him a Rook, that one, one of em’s key members. He was there on that bust-up night, but them just thought he was a furry cloak on a tall coat hanger.” The entire room burst out laughing.

Dom took another drink.

A Sylvan lady, sitting full-up on the bar itself, chimed in over the roar. “Ain’t what I heard, I heard old Dom here be Aldoran. Joined his brethren in marching his arse to the gates of them half-heights in dwarf town demanding to punch elves as Imperial retri’buting.”

Dom took another drink.

“I heard Dom loves Amos so much he was try’n out to be one of them Lightning Ladybugs of his.”

Dom ordered another.

“Oi, I heard he consorts with Manrolt by the pale moonlight!”

Dom downed two mugs in rapid succession.

“I ‘eard he IS Manrolt!”

Dome chugged two more and motioned for replenishment.

“I seen him on that Bodack’s ship, he was part of dat rogue Imperial crew dat killed all our brothers in the boats and docks.” The room started to boo him in unison.

Dom signalled for some stronger swill.

“Nah, I ‘eard he captured that Bodie man, took his ship. Uses it to trade wit ‘em Four Wind Lands people.”

Dom threw back a shot of rotgut whiskey.

“Dom a Reiver, yas can see it in his shifty eyes!”

Dom tossed back as many shots as he could find near his person.

“Nah, I heard he be a failed squire for one o’dem knightly orders!”

With the last bit of energy he had left, he looked at the crowd. “Aye, if I have yas vote, I can be whatevers yas need of me. Yas want me to be a friend of the Empire on Volnes, I’ll cozy right on up to that Ely Doll and tell’im what a great Empire he gots. On Tilamaires I gots my bird mask for them sneaky business, Leyan for some Thorns pamphlets tell’n Ely Doll to shove it, but on Niiman I be pick’n em same flyers up for them people in them towers outside town complain’n about al them trashes. On the Day of the Huntress, I can dress up as Manrolt, with Feastday for dinning with the Lich King, and Restday I be help’n Amos cook the books in my Lightning Ladybug costume.” He looked at them all, completely exasperated.

For the first time all evening, the bar was silent.

“Oi, Dommy Boy, when in ‘teh Gods yas gonna find time in all ‘tat ‘tere to help us Land’n folk?”

That was the last thing Old Dom heard as his head hit the table. He awoke the next day slumped over about a fallen man’s distance from where he had started his political dreams, It was about 4 o’clock that next evening. The cutoff for registering as a mayoral candidate had passed at noon. He raised his hand to order a fresh one, and Helga sighed, adding it to his massive tab.

Tennalnen Campaign Announcement

People of Wehnimer's Landing!

I, Tennalnen Silverstar, announce my campign for Regional Envoy of Wehnimer's Landing. Most of you do not know me, nor do I know you, and this is a good thing. As Regional Envoy it will be my job to listen and hear what all peoples have to say, and bring their word back to the government of Landing for discussion. I make only one promise, I promise to listen to the people and bring their words to the leadership. I cannot promise change, I cannot promise action, but I will do my best to ensure the voice of ALL people is taken into account.

My platform is simple: A fresh face, a fresh perspective, an open mind.

A fresh face: I am new, unknown to many, untried compared to my fellow applicants. I have not seen the dead rise during the reign of the Lich King. I did not stand beside or against Grishom Stone. I did not pick a side during the recent territorial disputes in Town. I have no history with the North, the East, or any of our other neighbors except Bourth where I was raised.

A fresh perspective: I have not lived here for long, and in my time in Wehnimer's Landing I have heard many views. I have listened to those varied voices and I have considered them. While I cannot claim to know which view is correct, I can provide an ear to listen, and a voice to speak their words to the leaders of Landing.

An open mind: My beliefs are my own, as are yours. This region is populated by a variety of races, cultures, and religious beliefs, not all of which can agree on things. I promise to listen, and pass along all views presented to me as representative of Wehnimer's Landing, with no judgement or biased towards those who present themselves appropriately.

Vote Tennalnen Silverstar for Regional Envoy of Wehnimer's Landing in 5123!

Plucky - by Leafiara

This is a story about a town that's plucky!

Invaders charge in, full of bloodlust,
Assailing us from all around
A rain-soaked battle where heroes rush,
Rallying back to stand our ground

They'll say: "Aren't they fiery, that Wehnimer's town?"
And they'll see...

We're so plucky, full of fight, 
How we try, try, try using all our might, knowing
Evil forces disrupt our every plan
But surely we'll pull through in the end

The Landing standing: a mystery
Besieged by threats on every side
But our blades keep whirling and our spells keep swirling
Relentless and we'll always turn the tide

They'll say: "Aren't they crazy, that Wehnimer's town?"
And they'll see...

We're so plucky, full of fight
How we fry, fry, fry foes with pylon light, knowing
We draw our strength from our courage and our friends
And surely we'll pull through in the end

"They're only lucky, that Wehnimer's town!"

Our town's so plucky, must be how we survive
Even Raelee Svala has no other theories why
Yet we still grow and thrive

And they'll see!
We're so plucky, full of fight
Enemies die, die, die when they attack at night, knowing
If we're still breathing, we rise up to defend
For surely we'll triumph in the end

We are so plucky
Riding high, high, high to protect what's right, knowing
Whenever needed, our inner strength will shine
And surely we'll triumph every time

Leaked Criminal Notes on the Nefarious Knitter - by The Alleged Sapphire Guard

generated by MidJourney, generated by player of Faerinn, used with permission

OOC Disclaimer: No this is not actually written by a member of the Sapphire Guard. This an IC reimagining by the anonymous author of what might be in the point for giggles. It's a bit!

While trying our best to find someone, anyone to take the blame for the Princess’s death aside from Arditin’s niece, we have been gathering intelligence for the benefit of the Sun Throne on one known as the ‘Nefarious Knitter’.

We have found the following:

  • She is a member of the Black Thorns, a terrorist organization devoted to the spread of vile anti-socialist ideologies such as ‘Democracy’ and ‘Equality’.
  • This anti-imperialist agent was not available to kill the Princess as she was fighting a giant earth elemental with an entire town of witnesses. At that time Orelwen was pushing Kasendra off of a staircase or something. But Arditin does not like this lady.
  • We can’t find her.

So in instead of pertinent information here is our information on the membership of the Black Thorns:

  • The Black Thorns have an estimated 3,000 members trained in forty different martial arts lost from the days of Despana and the strength of a hundred demons.
  • Their leader is one, Talliver Dabbins, the warlord of Silver Mule Trace. He wanted for his war crimes during the Griffon Sword War of creating vampires and wyrms. His lair is deep in the Hinterwilds, but he is easy to spot due to his thirteen foot hairy frame.
  • His lieutenant is a real player in the Cult of Zelia and a rogue Palestra Blade named Yoshie. This deranged assassin’s trade mark is a squid branded to his hand, and the replacement of his victim’s nails with rails.
  • The Talon, a half-elf pirate from Mist Harbor who enraged a column of Aldoran swamp-berserkers to march on the Shining City until a Knights of the Realm convinced diverted them into dying in a swamp. We suspect this is another anatomy based alias of Socius, because screw that guy.
  • The red-haired, half-sylvan former leader of the Rooks and Mayor of Wehnimer’s Landing - Casiphia.
  • An ottoman that Thadston threw so hard with his magic arms that it became sentient.
  • A gnome under the alias, Dr. C
  • Gurbah, who requires no further explanation.

We hope you find this information useful as we coverup the deaths of many of your suspects, I mean, subjects including your cousin.

Faerinn for Envoy

generated by MidJourney, generated and edited by player of Faerinn, used with permission
generated by MidJourney, generated and edited by player of Faerinn, used with permission

Ladies and gentlemen, esteemed members of the Wehnimer's Landing community, I rise before you today to advocate for Faerinn as the best candidate for councilor. Faerinn's remarkable qualities and unwavering dedication make them the ideal choice to represent our beloved town and ensure its prosperity.

First and foremost, Faerinn possesses a deep understanding of Wehnimer's Landing. Through their active involvement and extensive experience within the community, they have proven themselves to be well-versed in the town's rich history, its challenges, and its aspirations. This familiarity enables Faerinn to make informed decisions and take actions that truly benefit our town.

Furthermore, Faerinn is a natural leader with a genuine passion for community development. They have demonstrated an exceptional ability to bring people together, fostering a sense of unity and collaboration. By actively engaging with residents and soliciting their input, Faerinn ensures that the voices of the people are heard, and their concerns are addressed. Such inclusive leadership is essential for the growth and prosperity of Wehnimer's Landing.

Moreover, Faerinn's commitment to progress is unparalleled. They possess a forward-thinking mindset and are always seeking innovative solutions to enhance our town's infrastructure, economy, and overall quality of life. With Faerinn at the helm, Wehnimer's Landing can embrace advancements while staying true to its unique character, ensuring a thriving and sustainable future.

Lastly, Faerinn's integrity and transparency set them apart as a councilor. They prioritize open communication and accountability, keeping residents informed about important decisions and actively seeking their feedback. This level of transparency builds trust and empowers the community, fostering a stronger bond between the councilor and the people they represent.

In conclusion, Faerinn's deep understanding of Wehnimer's Landing, their inclusive leadership style, their commitment to progress, and their integrity make them the ideal candidate for councilor. By electing Faerinn, we can be confident that our town will be in capable hands, working tirelessly to ensure our collective success. Let us rally behind Faerinn and together create a brighter future for Wehnimer's Landing.