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This category is intended to gather information about individuals and organizations who seek Wehnimer's Landing's independence from the Turamzzyrian Empire. This is a player-driven category and does not denote official content.

Wehnimer's Landing History of Independence

Wehnimer's Landing is a town set in the wilds, outside the northwestern borders of the Turamzzyrian Empire founded around 4873. For around 200 years it has stood as an independent location and a refuge for those seeking freedom and safety from the threats of the northern wilds, including a nearby Krolvin Stronghold, and the stiffing political environment found in the Turamzzyrian Empire, which until 5021 had very exclusionary racial policies though they were not always evenly enforced.

The long years of self-determination, democratic government, and self-reliance have created numerous organizations and movements that have fought for the freedoms they have for so long enjoyed. Many have died in defense of those freedoms.

Freedom is important for a variety of reasons. Freedom encourages growth, change, exploration, and prosperity; those under a yoke cannot always achieve their full potential, and that concept applies to our town just as much as it applies to any individual. Freedom of speech, freedom to practice whatever religion one chooses -- or the freedom to embrace no religion, as well -- are all vital to the healthy continuation of our town. We are not the Empire, we are THE place where refugees and the hopeful come to sow the seeds of a better tomorrow. The illusion of safety, to me, is simply not worth the trade-off.

Cruxophim, Mayoral Debate (5116)

Organizations Self-Reported to be Dedicated to Independence In the North