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The Black Wolves is a Meeting Hall Organization near Wehnimer's Landing.

Current Officers

Second Chair
Treasurer Zhert


The Black Wolves Clan is a collection of like minded folk that exist for several reasons. We stand as a clan united in memorial, and in honor of the original ragtag band of fighters that came to be called Black Wolves. It is because of these roots that we do have some membership restrictions, but we deny aid to no one.

The second reason is to share a feeling of family. Folk that will laugh at your joke no matter how lame, or maybe laugh at you for having the nerve to tell it the first place, but a laugh none the less. A place you can turn for a slap on the back for a triumph, or a shoulder to lean on in a moment of weakness. And like family in the truest sense of the word, it is not about being right, it's about still being there when the dust settles.

Last but far from least, we exist to serve the community. Be it tasks, advice, spells, healing, smithing, or singing, whatever is needed we try to aid as best we can, especially younger adventurers. We have set evenings we do this, but we have a number of members that offer what they're able whenever anyone needs it.

In that spirit, we honor the virtues of Courage, Honor, Loyalty, and Service.

History of The Black Wolves

It is said that the Vaalor treated humans as waste during the Second Age, even more so than all other Elves. During the rule of one Vaalor Patriarch by name Korthyr IV, it came to pass that a human resistance group appeared, one to outmatch all its predecessors. The leader of this group was a human by the name of Aramur Forean. It is also said that he was assisted by a human by the name of Fenog.

The resistance named themselves the Black Wolves, and took up hiding in the sea caverns off Darkstone Bay. Their device was an open-mouthed sable wolf upon a field of red. Their refuge they called the Wolves Den, and they protected it with standard fortifications of the time: military innovations such as sliding barricades, narrow halls with arrow slits, and a well-constructed subterranean version of a barbican.

Aramur Forean, the human wizard, was taught by the scholars of Ta’Illistim. It is not known how he received such instruction in a time of such racial discord, but his journals show this to be true. He started out interested only in knowledge, but after witnessing a beating of a human in his travels with his teachers, his interests leant towards politics. Aramur led the Wolves on sortie after sortie, and the end result was a withdrawal of the Vaalor forces from the northern Vornavian coast, the very same that now supports the outpost of Wehnimer’s Landing.

Not content with their success, the Wolves set their sights higher. Aramur’s journals show a gradual heightening of expectations, leading up to their swan song. It is said in some records that agents of House Nalfein contacted the Black Wolves, wishing to sow strife in other houses. It is said by others that the elf second in succession to the Vaalorian throne contacted the Wolves and gave them the false information. This heir presumptive or the agent of House Nalfein allegedly gave the time and place of the carriage of the Vaalorian Patriarch, carrying a shipment of silver, to the Wolves. The Wolves planned an ambush, only to discover too late that inside the carriage was the young son of the Patriarch, the heir apparent to the throne of Ta’Vaalor. Aramur entered the carriage to find the child wounded by a black arrow, and it was then that the ambush dissolved around them. The Wolves fled to their well-hidden refuge, but the caves were completely surrounded by the armies of the Vaalor, who, at the time, were second to none. The Vaalor Heir was brought to the infirmirary, but nothing could be done. To this day, his skeleton lies atop one of the beds in the long-abandoned room.

The food inside the Den gradually decreased until it finally whittled away into nothing. Because the Black Wolves were a committed force, it was not only the men that lived there, but the women and children as well. They were a religious people, having an altar to the Arkati Kai and Lorminstra.

Most of the Wolves, and possibly Aramur himself, chose suicide over capture. The remains of one mass suicide can still be seen in the Den.

As is the case with any powerful emotion, sin, or curse at the time of death, the Wolves were bound to the Unlife and to the Den, and with them their thoughts and voices. To walk the Wolves Den now is to hear long-dead voices cry out and to see in the mind’s eye the horror that was their final days…

Joining the Black Wolves

If an individual wishes to join the Clan they must meet the following requirements.

1. Display a willingness to help others and become part of the family.
2. Be sponsored by (2) clan members in good standing.
3. Serve a probationary period of up to 90 days before becoming a full member.
4. Have visited the Trainer at least 10 times.
5. Be inducted by two officers.

Probationary members will be issued a Pledge Badge, which must be worn visibly at all times.

Once you pledge you are placed on a probationary period that will range from a minimum of 30 to maximum of 90 days.

During this time you must meet all the following goals:

You must not have violated any of the rules, policies, or by-laws set in place by the Black Wolves.
You must have attended at least (6) official events either hosted or co-hosted by the Black Wolves.(Please make sure you check in with an officer to be noted)
You must attend the Tour of the Wolves Den.

Failure to complete the above mentioned requirements will result in full membership being denied, and you being required to return the badge. You may re-apply as a pledge at any time if you did not complete the requirements on your previous attempt.

If you have met all the aforementioned minimum requirements you can be inducted into the clan as a full member.

To apply for membership, use the link below to go to our website and fill out an application.

Bylaws of the Black Wolves

Article I: Clan Objectives
To help and defend those in need to the best of our abilities.
To provide a home for our members allowing them to seek friendship and a spirit of togetherness.
Assist the community, with services and special events they can participate in with no discrimination.
Honor and respect the memory of the original Black Wolves while bringing what we believe their dreams were into fruition within this era.

Article II: Clan Membership

Section 1: Requirements to join.
If an individual wishes to Pledge to join the clan they must meet the following requirements.

I. Be willing to help others and become part of the family.
II. Be sponsored by (2) clan members in good standing.
III. Undergo Pledging before becoming a full member.
IV. Have visited the Trainer at least 10 times.
V. At least two officers are required to induct a new member.
VI. Any member may voluntarily resign; however, if a resigned member wishes to return, it must be approved by a majority vote of the Officers Council.

Section 2: Activity Requirements

I. Members must attend at least (1) qualifying event each month (and insure the officers know you are there so you can be checked in)
II. Members must wear their clan membership insignia at all times.

-Note If you have "Alts" in the clan, they must meet these requirements on their own.

Section 3: Expectations of Behavior.

I. The Clan will not tolerate the following behaviors towards other clan members: Taking unwanted aggressive action towards each other whether physical, magical,
sexual, financial (theft)or in general handling oneself in a way that doesn't befit a Wolf in the community.
II. When casting spells or providing other services at an event or in the name of the Black Wolves, members are prohibited from accepting tips. This does not apply
to members providing services on their own such as lockpicking, bardsinging, etc.
III. The courtyard at the manor is off-limits for doing guild or artisan reps. Such activities should be taken to the back yard.

Article III: Meetings

Section 1: Frequency & Attendance

I. The Clan will hold at least (1) public meeting per month open to all members (date to be determined and always announced on the boards).
II. All Public Meetings must have either the Chairperson or Co-Chair and (2) other officers.
III. At each public meeting the Officers are required to give announcements regarding the clans membership (current pledges & new full members), finances, upcoming events, and other
plans they have. Following these announcements there will be a question and answer session as time permits.
IV. All meetings will start within 15 minutes of scheduled time
V. Members are expected to respect the speakers at meetings by not being disruptive, speaking out of turn, fidgeting, and so forth.
VI. In the case of some very important votes that require all officers, a vote by e-mail may be accepted (this vote must be sent to all officers for transparency)

Section 2: Special meetings.

Special meetings may be called by the chairperson upon one week's notice to the clans message board, or in 30 days by petition of a majority of the active membership of the house, as
forwarded to the officers.

Section 3: Officers Meetings.

The Officers may hold additional "Closed Door" meetings as needed to best manage the clan and this will require 2/3rds of the active officers to be in attendance (Including the chair or co-chair)
before it can have any votes cast.

Article IV: Officers

Section 1: Clan Leadership

The Clan shall be led by a Council of Officers. This Council will consist of at least 4 but not more than 8 officers
All members who have passed their probation period are eligible for a vacant officer position. See section 5 for details.
A current list of officers will be made to any member upon request.

Section 2: Terms of Office:

Officer terms are for life, barring impeachment or voluntary resignation.

Section 3: Requirements of each officer.

They must attend at least (2) clan events each month.
They must attend at least 1 clan meeting every month.(this does not count as an event)
They must commit at least 2 hours per week outside of Events & Meetings to be available to talk with and help the general membership of the clan. They will announce they are available on the
Blackwolf Channel of the Amunet and/or lnet and will do their best to do this during active hours when other members are around.

Section 4: Duties of officers

  • Leader of the Black Wolves Clan
  • Supervisor and controller of all activities of the house
  • Creates Committees as needed.
  • Insure all Officers are fulfilling their duties
  • Designates a Second Chair to carry out the duties of the Chairperson is unable or unavailable.


  • Receives and deposits all clan funds into the proper accounts as agreed upon by the Officers.
  • Monitors and Reports the status of the Clan funds at all public meetings.

Other Officers

  • The other Officers will perform duties as delegated by the Chairperson.
  • These duties may include but are not limited to:
    • Presiding over Meetings.
    • Helping & assisting other officers as needed.
    • Submitting reports of Clan Events
    • Maintaining Records of the Clan Members and Activity.
    • Tracking of probationary members to make sure they have completed all requirements.
    • Conducting Induction Ceremony.
    • Planning of events and recording attendance at Black Wolves Events.
    • Preparing and sending Town Crier messages.
    • Event reporting to HMO GM within 24 hours after event.

Section 5: Removal of Officers
An officer can be automatically removed from their position for dereliction of duties (such as disappearing without notification in excess of 60 days)
Clan Officers may vote to remove any fellow officer (including the chairperson) by majority vote. This is an extreme action and should only be done if said active officer is no longer acting in the best interests of the clan. If this vote succeeds said officer will be removed from his post and possibly expelled from the clan depending on the situation.
Clan Officers including the Chairperson may also be voted out by the active members of the Clan. This requires that 75% of active members to agree that the officer must be removed from their position.

Section 6: Electing new Officers
If there is an open position, any officer that wishes to can transfer into that spot (subject to agreement of the officers as a whole). Any vacant position that no officer wishes to fill is open for all members to apply for it. Their intent to apply for the position must be made publicly at the meeting. At the following meeting (giving a minimum of 14 days for officers to talk to all applicants) the Officers will publicly vote between all applicants to determine which of them shall take the open position. If no applicant receives a majority vote then the Chairperson makes the final call between the highest voted applicants.

Article V: Funds
The Clan will accept donations into its Endowment to help offset its expenses.
Any donations into these funds are non-refundable at any time.
Making Donations will not entitle you to any special privileges.

Article VI: Amendment of Bylaws
These bylaws may be amended to adapt to changing needs of the clan.
If a member wishes to see a bylaw changed, they must bring up the suggested change at a clan meeting to the officers. The suggested bylaw will be reviewed and voted upon requiring a majority of officers to agree to the amendment. If they do not agree with the proposed change they notify the member as to the reason.

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