Black velvet choker

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This item is a random prize from the treasure piles found on Caligos Isle during Ebon Gate. This item has a spoiler noted below.

Additional Information

Click on [Expand] just below and to the right to read the spoiler pertaining to this item.
This item is extremely dangerous and caution should be exercised before you WEAR it. The only way to remove the choker is for your character to die. Once you die, then you will be able to REMOVE CHOKER. You must type out REMOVE CHOKER fully and not abbreviate it with rem choker or something similar. In some rare cases the choker may become bugged, not recognize that you died, and proceed to kill you again. You should REPORT and/or ASSIST if this occurs.
Black velvet choker Information
Type Fluff
Item Classification Accessory
Item(s) Applied to Choker
Original Release Venue Ebon Gate