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Assist will place a character in a line to speak with a GameHost. To place an assist, use the ASSIST REQUEST (reason) command. To cancel a request, use ASSIST CANCEL. You can check the overall status of the assist and referral lines with the QUEUE verb.

For emergencies, use REPORT.



Advice            Getting started in GemStone IV.
Directions        Common places in town.
Help              General information.
Bug               Reporting bugs.
Queue             Current size of the assist queue.
Policy            GemStone IV player policy.
Assist Request    Requesting assistance for technical problems.
Assist Position   Checking your position in the assist queue.
Assist Reason     Refer to the reason for your assist.
Assist Cancel     Remove yourself from the assist queue.
Referral          Checking your position in the referral queue.
Report            The "911" of GemStone IV, for emergencies only.

WHO (verb) or STATUS will tell you if any staff is on duty to answer assists.

No one on duty

Active Players: 205

Staff on duty:

Use WHO HELP for more options.
Someone on duty

Active Players: 248

Staff on duty:
Senior GameHost Zestor

Use WHO HELP for more options.


When a GameHost cannot fully deal with the problem, he/she will put the character in the referral line to speak with a GameMaster. Sometimes referrals may need a specific GM to look at the problem, and/or may require in-depth research. Thus, referrals may not always be responded to as quickly as one might want.


There are three lines each for assists and referrals based on subscription tier. The Premium queue gets priority over the standard account queue, and both paid subscription tiers receive priority over the free queue.