Blood-stained piece of rubble

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This item was a prize from the Hunt for History.


a blood-stained piece of rubble


You see a small chunk of broken stone.  One face of the stone is smooth, as though it were a finished surface or perhaps worn smooth through time, and on that surface is, unmistakably, a bright red blood stain.  Though dry, the blood looks as fresh as the moment it spilled from its owner's body.


No other details are known.


After you sing, a verse unrelated to your own issues from your throat...

   "The Basilica, Faendryl sorcery's shining bastion,
    The Basilica, the root of mortal civilization.
    The home of knowledge magical, the home of Faendryl sorcery.
    A place of study, a place of arts, a place of Faendryl history.
    With arms upraised a chant went up.
    For years their anger seethed, pent up.
    The Laurentiu faction made their play,
    The Laurentiu faction's final day.
    Done came their arms from where they poised,
    Down came the Basilica with thunderous noise.
    The throne was emptied on that day, and on that day many died,
    For the Patriarch and the Basilican Guard died with others who were inside."