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The Bloodtooth Bracer was released at Duskruin Arena in The Bloodbenders in February 2021 by GameMaster Kenstrom. The Bloodtooth Bracer has teeth that sink into the user’s flesh. All abilities and magic use blood from the wearer to be activated. The bracer has a health regeneration passive ability. Certificates are available for all upgrades. Each tier has a few zest verbs and a special ability. Each ability has a cooldown period that ranges per ability. Each ability costs health points.


You analyze your red-veined bracer and sense that the creator has provided the following information:
The red-veined bracer is a type of arm-worn armor accessory that magically drains some of your blood in exchange for a series of temporary benefits. The base description can be altered, but should always remain singular and match the unchangeable look description.

The bracer is tier 4 of 4. This means that it has access to the following verbs: WEAR, REMOVE, POINT (Blood Blast), POKE, TOUCH, PUSH (Blood Bend), PROD, RUB, FOLD (Blood Bane), CLENCH, TAP, FIDGET (Blood Barrier), EXHALE (Blood Bath). The bracer also provides an enhancement to HP regeneration equal to 3 * its current tier.

You might be able to have a talented merchant lighten the red-veined bracer for you.

The bracer has 4 levels of tiers, each with unique verbs and abilities. The abilities of the bracer will be activated by personal blood sacrifice (hit points drained from its bearer).

Tier 1 (Off-the-Shelf)

Tier 1 uses WEAR, REMOVE and POINT to activate the "Blood Blast" ability, which is an SMR-styled blood bolt attack using the plasma crit table.

Cost: 25 HP. Cooldown: 4 minutes.


Verb First Third
POINT (Blood Blast) You outstretch your hand and a spiralling blast of sanguine blood sprays forth from your palm toward a hobgoblin!

The blast of blood strikes a hobgoblin and begins to boil!
... 25 points of damage!
Intense beam of plasma shears away large chunks of the hobgoblin's forearm!
The hobgoblin is stunned!

Third Person View
REMOVE First Person View Third Person View
WEAR First Person View Third Person View

Tier 2

Tier 2 uses TOUCH, POKE, and PUSH for the "Blood Bend" ability. Blood Bend drains some HP to restore up to 30 mana and 30 stamina. Cost: 15% Max HP. Cooldown: 45 minutes.


Verb First Third
POKE First Person View Third Person View
PUSH (Blood Bend) First Person View Third Person View
TOUCH You trace a rune on your red-veined bracer and the razor-sharp teeth within dig in deep! You briefly feel light-headed while your blood drains away, seeping up and out of your skin to coalesce around you in a misty barrier of blood. Third Person View

Tier 3

Tier 3 uses RUB, PROD and FOLD for the "Blood Bane" ability. Blood Bane is +40 AS/+24 CS for the next attack or offensive spell cast. Cost: 15% Max HP. Cooldown: 30 minutes.


Verb First Third
FOLD (Blood Bane) First Person View Third Person View
PROD You prod your bracer and a swarm of red veins coil out from the membranous layer, thrashing wildly in the air as if grasping for something to latch onto. A moment later the veins seep back into the bracer. Third Person View
RUB You rub your hand along the membranous layer of your bracer and the red veins begin to pulse. A moment later your own veins begin to throb briefly with a pale incarnadine glow. Third Person View

Tier 4

Tier 4 uses TAP, CLENCH and FIDGET for the "Blood Barrier" ability which summons a barrier of blood that can block an incoming attack and has a chance to counter-attack with a blood bolt strike! Cost: 25% Current HP. Cooldown: 120 minutes. EXHALE will also activate the "Blood Bath" ability which is an instant death spell that uses your blood and bones for a player-friendly Area of Effect SMR blast that strikes three or more of your enemies in one final sacrifice! Target amount is 3 +1 per 50 Physical Fitness skill, max 10. Bonus attack power based on percentage of HP remaining when used. Cost: 100% HP. Cooldown: Once per login day. Both Blood Barrier and Blood Bath can be activated while in RT.


Verb First Third
CLENCH First Person View Third Person View
EXHALE (Blood Bath) First Person View Third Person View
FIDGET (Blood Barrier) First Person View Third Person View
TAP First Person View Third Person View

Additional Information

Release Story

The red fire burned brightly.

The sanguine flames cast flickering shadows along the earthen walls. They were deep enough to avoid the sting of the sandstorm, but close enough to the surface to still hear whispers of the howling winds beyond. One man, young in face and with eyes the color of the blue sea, sat huddled in the corner, pulling at sinewy ribbons of flesh as if trying to untangle a bundle of thin ropes. His fingers were covered in blood as he worked the strings of flesh, kneading them and spreading them like a baker preparing his dough. Beside his feet sat a small stool, its wood stained and its surface cluttered with notched metal plates.

Another man, with the same young face and eyes of the sea stepped into view, the scarlet fires bathing half of his form in an eerie crimson glow. He smiled at his brother, not of the womb, but of magic, of power, of creation, and in many ways, of blood. Sweat soaked his face and darkened his shirt. His grin was wide as he pulled a cloth away from his hand to reveal an enruned red-veined bracer. It resembled more flesh than metal, comprised of a macabre blend of incarnadine muscles, patches of membranous skin, and small metal plates woven together with murky red veins.

"Were we successful?" The first man asked.

The second man’s grin widened, if that was even possible, and he nodded. "We were."

He handed the bracer to the first man who had by then slowly rose to his feet. He placed the red-veined bracer on his arm and suddenly rows of razor-sharp teeth jutted out from the membranous layer and sunk deep into the man’s flesh! He winced in pain, but gritted his teeth through it all. His veins began to throb and glow with a red hue. Whorls of blood mist seeped up from his very skin and swirled about his hand for several moments before he outstretched his hand and a spiraling blast of sanguine blood sprayed forth from his palm and struck a nearby wall where it began to boil and hiss.

Both men looked to each other, faces and eyes like a mirror of the other. They both grinned.

"We were successful indeed...and this is only the beginning..."


From GameMaster Kenstrom:

I also want to give GM Mestys a huge shout out for being such an amazing code ninja and working so hard to bring this design to life!

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Bloodtooth Bracer Information
Type Mechanical
Item Classification Armor
Item(s) Applied to Arm-worn armor accessory
Alterable Yes
Light/Deep Yes
Original Release Venue Duskruin Arena
Tiered Yes
Number of Tiers 4
How to Unlock Certificate
Restrictions Base description should always remain singular and match the unchangeable look description.
Item Verbs