Bluerock Brewery

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Bluerock Brewery is a food shop in Zul Logoth. It is found in a massive stone building in the Emerald Tunnel. It contains a gift shop and it is also possible to take a tour of the brewery.

[Bluerock Brewery, Entrance]
The foyer of the brewery flares out to the north, a smooth granite archway inset into the far wall, opening up into a large room filled with detailed informational signs and notices. A length of braided white cordon winds its way throughout the area, serving as a way to direct the flow of visitors. In the center of the room, a large chunk of bluerock rises up from the floor, its jagged contours resembling a form of primitive art. You also see a large red-painted sign and a bright yellow notice.

Tap House Inventory

  1. a stein of Silver Ore stout      6. a stein of Hollow Leg Bock
  2. a stein of Miner's mead          7. a stein of Invar Premium draft
  3. a stein of Logoth lager          8. a stein of Cave Dwarf porter
  4. a stein of Bluerock beer         9. a stein of DragonSpine ale
  5. a stein of Goldmist amber brew   10. a stein of Rainbow Snail braggot

Giftshop Inventory

  1. a gleaming mithril stein           6. a cotton stein-patterned shirt
  2. a tall bluerock-edged glass        7. a chunk of bluerock pin
  3. a bold blue stone mug              8. a Bluerock Brewery miniature
  4. a Bluerock Brewery-stamped stein   9. an invar and bluerock belt buckle
  5. a Bluerock Brewery-etched glass