Book of Tormtor

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The Book of Tormtor was an artifact thought to have been left behind by the Ur-Daemon, which Despana used to create her undead horde, leading to the Undead War and collapse of the unified Elven Empire. It was found in the Southron Wastes, but was thought to have been destroyed in Maelshyve.

Behind the Scenes

Tormtor and Despana were actually Dark Elven noble houses in the Dungeons & Dragons "Forgotten Realms" campaign setting. House Despana was notable for its demon summoning, and Shar was a goddess of darkness. Dharthiir refers to their word "Darthiir", the surface elves and their gods, whom the dark elves universally hated as abominations and wished to destroy completely. The Shar storyline in GemStone III ended abruptly (~ 1998) without going anywhere, but she was supposedly the daughter of Despana, seeking the Book of Tormtor to use the Broken Lands to ascend herself to godhood.