Breshon Caulfield

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Breshon Caulfield
Storyline Eyes of the Dawn
Gender male
Race Human
Culture Bourth
Status Alive
Relationship(s) Spensor Caulfield (father), Larsya (sister)
Affiliation(s) Bourth

Breshon Caulfield was initially a replacement or temporary commander of the Hendoran Outpost in Wehnimer's Landing. He is skilled in the blade and bow. He is the older brother of Larsya and came seeking a cure for her malady. Larsya was eventually cured but remained impacted strangely by the poison and its cure, which had unnaturally affected her aging.

At present, with the death of his father in summer of 5122 after extended health problems, he's set for coronation as the next Baron of Bourth.


You see Lord Breshon Caulfield.
He appears to be a Human from Bourth.
He is average height.  He appears to be youthful.  He has midnight blue eyes and tanned skin.  He has short, curly dark tawny hair worn in a ponytail.  He has an angular face, a small nose and the faint shadow of scruff growing below his dimpled cheeks.  He has a single hawk feather braided into the right side of his hair.
He is in good shape.
He is holding a light grey clay cup in his right hand.
He is wearing a crystal amulet, a heavy grey fur-lined cloak, a slender black yew bow, some studded dusty white leathers, a black and white iron signet ring, an oiled grey leather back quiver, a pair of fitted black trousers, and some crisp black leather hunting boots.


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