Spensor Caulfield

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Spensor Caulfield
Storyline Eyes of the Dawn
Born of Bourth
Gender male
Race Human
Status deceased
Relationship(s) Larsya (daughter), Breshon (son)
Alias/Title Baron of Bourth

Spensor Caulfield was the Baron of Bourth. He has a son, Breshon who helps oversee Bourth during his travels. He was a known follower of Voln who has recently converted to serving Koar, while still respecting the Order of Voln.

He has recently traveled to Wehnimer's Landing to discuss some increased trade agreements between the two regions. He also brought his daughter, Larsya, who shares her deceased mother's love for the sea and open water, so chose to vacation for a few weeks in Wehnimer's Landing as her father conducted business.

He was of poor health when Breshon was called back to Bourth in 5121. He has since passed away and the coronation for his son is set as of late summer 5122. Larsya remains in Wehnimer's Landing as the nominal commander of the Hendorian Outpost.


Lying in state, in a long carved ivory casket
The casket has been meticulously hand-carved, its ivory walls patterned with a series of elven scrollwork.  One end of the coffin has been detailed with the image of a golden crown on a circle of white, while the opposite side holds a white shield on a field of black.  Positioned delicately into small notches along the casket, are several bright silvery-white feystones, their faceted surfaces shimmering against the faintest light. With the lid open, the body of a brown-haired human is visible within.

Cradled within walls of black velvet, the body is that of an aged human male, with peppered greyish-brown hair swept to his shoulders, yet still holds a hawk feather braided into the right side.  His face is bony, and his skin is weathered, but discolored in death.  His wrinkled, patchy hands are folded on his chest, where his lifeless fingers are entwined to encase a pair of smudged wedding bands.