BriarStone GemShop

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BriarStone GemShop is the jewelry shop in Ta'Illistim.

[The BriarStone GemShop]
Dark ruby velvet curtains frame the shop's diamond-paned glaesine windows. The richly panelled maoral walls are carved with fanciful scenes depicting sprites and pixies dancing in a forest glade. A lone counter rests in the center of the room, behind which the shop's clerk waits patiently for clients to exchange their gems. You also see an engraved mithglin sign and the jeweler.


  1. a band               5. a wedding band
  2. a ring               6. a wedding ring
  3. an engagement band   7. an earring
  4. an engagement ring   8. some earrings


Colors or finishes:



  1. blazestar             5. sapphire              9. silver
  2. moonstone             6. feystone              10. gold
  3. emerald               7. despanal              11. glimaerstone
  4. ruby                  8. mithglin