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A listing of all town shops currently located in the realm of Ta'Illistim. Each shop will have a listing of its current inventory.

Shop Name Shop Location Type Inventory Sold Shop Specialty
Aegenis General Store Ta'Illistim shop general goods
Basket Shop Veythorne Manor shop specialty picnic baskets
Bella's Bridal Boutique Ta'Illistim shop apparel wedding attire
Botanical Garden Ta'Illistim eatery food
Braesella's Baked Goods Ta'Illistim shop food baked goods
The Brew and Barley Sylvarraend eatery food
The BriarStone GemShop Ta'Illistim shop jewelry
Brother Aemis' Clerical Supply Ta'Illistim shop clerical supplies, weapons
By Candlelight Ta'Illistim shop specialty candles and incense
Canopied pale wicker cart Ta'Illistim cart specialty bolts of fabric
Charcuterie Weyr Ta'Illistim shop food
D'Karz Curraik Supplies Linsandrych Var Chanceries shop apparel traditional krolvin clothing, outerwear and jewelry
Delicacies Chocolatier Ta'Illistim shop food chocolate and candies
Eahnor-chased cart Ta'Illistim cart jewelry
The Feystone Inn Ta'Illistim inn food
Feystone-swept small ivory cart Ta'Illistim cart instruments
Forge and Hearth Sylvarraend shop tableware
Galieca's Teas and Coffees Ta'Illistim eatery brewing supplies, tableware
Marroux and Haert Ta'Illistim shop herbs
Moonglae Inn Ta'Illistim inn food
Nexus Dyes Ta'Illistim shop dyes
Pagination Booksellers Ta'Illistim shop specialty books
Peacock Couriers Ta'Illistim shop mailing supplies
The Pig and Whistle Ta'Illistim eatery food
The Plume and Glove Ta'Illistim shop apparel accessories
Refined Repast Ta'Illistim shop tableware
Shimmarglin Inn Ta'Illistim inn food
Shimmarglin Jewels and Gems Sylvarraend shop jewelry
The Shining City Grocer Ta'Illistim shop groceries
Small ivy-traced cart Ta'Illistim cart specialty nature-themed magic items
Sylvarraend Bowyer Supplies Sylvarraend shop fletching materials
Sylvarraend Campfire Supplies Sylvarraend shop specialty campfire supplies
Sylvarraend Clothiers Sylvarraend shop apparel
Sylvarraend Herbals Sylvarraend shop herbs
Sylvarraend Sweet Shoppe Sylvarraend shop food desserts
Sylvarraend Tinkers & Whatnots Sylvarraend shop general goods
Ta'Illistim Alchemy Supply Ta'Illistim shop magic supplies
Ta'Illistim Armory Ta'Illistim shop armor
Ta'Illistim Forging Supply Shop Ta'Illistim shop forging materials
Ta'Illistim Lockpicks Ta'Illistim shop locksmith supplies
Ta'Illistim Weaponry Ta'Illistim shop weapons
Tearlach's Smokeshop Ta'Illistim shop tobacco
A Twist of Roses Ta'Illistim shop apparel, jewelry cosmetics
Valina's Herbs and Tinctures Ta'Illistim shop herbs
Veythorne Inn Veythorne Manor shop food
Veythorne Manor Fishing Shop Veythorne Manor shop fishing supplies
Wax Eloquent Ta'Illistim shop specialty stationery goods
Well-Heeled Ta'Illistim shop cobbling materials
Woodland Market Sylvarraend shop groceries