Brinn's Blossoms

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Brinn's Blossoms is the florist shop in Wehnimer's Landing. It is located on Wisraith Lane, one north of the Wehnimer's Museum on Erebor Square.

[Florist's, Front Counter] RNUM: 8715
Freshly cut flowers, wreaths, and garlands are displayed in all their multicolored glory in large, earthenware pots and upon wide, wooden tables covered in soft, white cloth. The spritely florist, Tessie Brinn, smiles as she weaves a crown of Blaeston blossoms to adorn a maiden's hair. You also see a wooden counter.


Welcome to Brinn's Blossoms!

Tessie Brinn offers her catalog to browse.
Tessie Brinn gives you a nod of recognition as you enter.

  1. a crown of Blaeston blossoms         7. a crown of snow white blossoms
  2. a garland of wildflowers             8. a white carnation boutonniere
  3. a wreath of Mournblooms              9. a bunch of violets
  4. a bouquet of Bridal Blush roses      10. an armful of tiger lilies
  5. a single red rose                    11. a bouquet
  6. a dozen perfect long stemmed roses   12. a wreath

  Backroom Catalog
  13. a bouquet of Pinefar snowbells   14. a garland of firefly snapdragons


Tessie Brinn is the aunt of the pretty flower girl who tries to sell adventurers flower petals.