Brocaded Window

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Brocaded Window is a Premium Home Window shop in Wehnimer's Landing. It is located in the Courtyard Furniture Emporium through the varnished modwir door then west in Courtyard South.

[The Brocaded Window]
The truly well dressed window comes with drapes and curtains, and the samples in this display room show how to add drapes with style and flair. Curtains and drapes line false windows, offering a variety of colors and materials to choose from. You also see a portly tailor.


      Price  Item
1.)   70000  a golden brocade-draped window
2.)   70000  an ivory brocade-draped window
3.)   70000  a green silk-curtained window
4.)   70000  a blue silk-curtained window
5.)   70000  a colorful silk-curtained window
6.)   70000  a red silk-curtained window
7.)   70000  a dark brocade-draped window
8.)   70000  a green velvet-draped window
9.)   70000  a black brocade-draped window
10.)  70000  a black velvet-draped window
11.)  70000  a blue velvet-draped window
12.)  70000  a red velvet-draped window
13.)  70000  a black silk-curtained window
14.)  70000  a red brocade-draped window