Bumblefinger's Pawnshop

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Bumblefinger's Pawnshop is the only pawnshop in the town of Icemule Trace. It is located on the south side of Dwarven Circle in Commerce Burrow at the top of some white stairs. This pawnshop buys and sells merchandise. Its sales tables are located on its porch, rather than inside the building.

According to the merchant Koern, Bumblefinger's Pawnshop was formerly owned by Bumblefinger himself. However, according to the Elanthian Journal, the shop has been owned and operated since before the year 5102 by its current proprietor, Sniffberry Mettrengage.

Main Room

[Pawnshop, Interior] RNUM: 2464
Stark wooden floorboards creak under the weight of stacks of bundled weapons and leather. Perched atop the tall bundles is a halfling clerk who looks none too eager to help you. In a place of honor on the wall opposite the door is a portrait of Sniffberry, the pawnshop proprietor. You also see a threadbare fiery red pouch and a packing crate.
Obvious exits: out


>look at portrait
Skillfully painted with bright colors, this portrait depicts a sturdy halfling merchant in middle years, a smile of benevolent welcome on his face.  His eyes meet yours with a clear and open expression, as if to give an impression of honesty, honor, and fair dealing in matters of trade.

>look at crate
Scrawled on the side of the crate in an unschooled hand is the message, "Throw your unwanted trinkets in here...I'll haul them away for you.  --Sniffberry"

>look in crate
The packing crate is filled with a variety of garbage.  You see nothing useful or appetizing.

Sales Room

[Pawnshop, Porch] RNUM: 2463
Several tables line the porch, offering Bumblefinger's odds and ends to passing adventurers. A sleepy-eyed halfling leans against the pawnshop door, keeping one eye trained on the tables at all times. You also see a merry mountain spirit that is flying around, a heavy wood door, some white stairs, an armor table with some stuff on it, a magic table with some stuff on it, a miscellaneous table with some stuff on it and a weapon table with some stuff on it.
Obvious paths: none