Burgundy leather tome

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This item was a prize from the Hunt for History.


a burgundy leather tome


This item has no show description.


No other details are known.


Your voice resonates slightly against the tome, causing vibrations in tune with your song. As your song synchronizes with the tome, it seems to pulse in your hand with a faint glow. The image of a Dhe'nar warlock, hunched over a writing table in a torchlit study, comes into focus in your mind.

As you continue to focus your song on the tome, the images begin to come clearer with each note sung. The warlock carefully inscribes words into the cover of the tome, using an elaborate white feathered quill. Glancing from time to time at a large, ancient scroll on the table beside him, he concentrates on inscribing each character with great accuracy.

As you continue your melody, a Dhe'nar priest enters the darkened study, carrying a case containing many more timeworn parchment scrolls. The warlock carefully selects several from the case, delicately unfurling them on the table, then sets back to work inscribing selections from the ancient documents into the tome as the priest steps back to observe.

The priest slowly nods his head in approval as the warlock continues his copying with great care. Finally, the warlock, finished, rises from the table with the tome and shows his work to the priest. The two nod to each other in satisfaction, and the warlock carefully places the tome in a place of honor on his bookshelf. Together, the two walk silently out into the night.

The images seem to fade to black.