Burst of Swiftness

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Burst of Swiftness
Available To Monks
Mnemonic [BURST]
Cost 30 Stamina + special
Roundtime 0
Requirements None
Prerequisites None
Rank Square
1 2  
5 10

Burst of Swiftness is a combat maneuver available to monks only that increases a character's Agility bonus by a base amount of 6 points, plus an additional 2 points per rank. It also increases Dexterity bonus by a base amount of 3 points, plus an additional 1 point per rank, for 90 seconds (refreshable).

The cost is 30 stamina with a cooldown period, during which the reactivation cost doubles to 60 stamina.

The main reason to train Burst of Swiftness is because 3 ranks are required for Perfect Self. It is otherwise useful for reduction of the UAC Mstrike roundtime particularly at high levels of Multi Opponent Combat for less than agile races.

Rank Cooldown Period
1 5 minutes
2 4 minutes
3 3 minutes
4 2.5 minutes
5 2 minutes


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