Buyer's Choice - Duskruin Fall 2017

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The TownCrier channel called for your favorite buys at Duskruin, and here's what you submitted! Thank you all for sharing, this was so much fun!

Last Shopping Day is Monday, Sept 4. Shops have historically closed promptly at midnight, eastern.

UNLOCK THE BEAUTY Mar and Scar has a Pelt unlocking certificate, Mairanu says, "My favorite thing is that, after years, I was finally able to unlock my pelt bag fully! I know that I could've always bought a fully unlocked one on the PC, but I was always just so attached to mine, y'know?" Yes, we know, Mairanu! Mar and Scar room 23801, building
ENHANCIVES There's a bunch of nice, not-too-expensive combat enhancives (e.g. 125 BS for a +3 agility ankle-cuff) at Bloodriven Bowery. Fyonn's take from it, "They're not rechargable at the guild, but they last longer than I thought they would. I'm stocking up!" Bloodriven Bowery room 23754, building
TOBACCO TOOLKIT Roll your own cigars with fresh tobacco from varies tins of different flavors in Cut and Dried! This inexpensive and fun RP prop tip brought to you by Ordim. Cut and Dried room 23760, house
CELERITY SCOTCH "With Celerity Scotch, I can drink scotch and swing faster," Cephia was overheard raving about the find at Bloodriven Village. Under the Counter room 23810, establishment
6x UNBALANCE FLARES Fana scripts, mmmhmmm, and who can say no to 6x with unbalance flares, too? Marijka was thrilled at A Mist Opportunity. A Mist Opportunity room 23739, dark shop
NIFTY PAPERS Ordim suggests you fill your stationery box with all the unique papers offerred at Cacographic Critters. Cacographic Critters room 23735, shed
MONOCLE The monocle at Accessories of Crime has Eye Spy in it, and Reetta says, "I really like that monocle! Plus, as an empath I can just make a new eye." Accessories of Crime room 23760, two-story house
ILLUSION IN A BOTTLE Archales' plan for the pale violet wing-shaped talisman from the Messy Alchemist? "It is an amazing buy at just 250 bloodscrip. Now I can finally blend in at home in Cysaegir." The Messy Alchemist room 23742, building
FLARING UAC "The affordable flaring UAC gear from Bare Aggression will always be on my favorites list," Gavrien shares, then adds, "These can be given a long and a show." Bare Aggression room 23756, hall
DISGUISE ELIXERS Gavrien wasn't the only one to mention the disguise elixirs at The Messy Alchemist as one of his fav Duskruin Finds. They're cheap, rechargeable, and have incredible RP potential. The Messy Alchemist room 23742, building
NERVE STAFF Archsenex recommends the nerve staff. "6x acuity with t4 nerve flares? It’s awesome, extra damage and cman bonus. For a wizard, 10 ranks is huge." Find them in the side yard at the Old Farmhouse. Old Farmhouse room 23722
FLARING UAC Rock Solid has 5x realms flaring and sanctified UAC gear, "It is choice," was Oubar's thumbs up on eonake-studded gauntlets & matching eonake-toed boots. Rock Solid room 23822, wagon
6x FLARING DOUBLES Oubar dubs the 6x acid-flaring doubles at A Flash of Strength, "drool-worthy". Gotta love wordsmiths, right? There's no doubt where his recommendation stands on a smooth leather bodysuit marred with acid etchings. A Flash of Strength room 23747, structure
PRETTY BOLTING Premade bolt spell customizations in Spellbound are dubbed "Pretty Nifty" by Gavrien. Spellbound room 23806, space
BUILD-A-BOOK "You can never have too many books to write in, RIGHT?" Newsby's personal favorite comes from the Written Word shop, where you can pick your cover and pick your pages. Written Word room 23729, shop
BIND ALL THE THINGS Look for the tightly wound white string totem at Spellbound. Ayumia thinks they are fun for mid-level wizards with 2x Magic Item Use to make up to 20 Earthen Fury casts a day even nastier! At no mana cost to boot. Spellbound room 23806, space
SILKEN WEBS ...of death. Even monsters deserve to die a little more humanely, and now your bolt Webs can be silken with the white web token at Spellbound. Leafiara concluded, "Give your opponent a small touch of comfort as they fade and pass through the Ebon Gate." Spellbound room 23806, space
CLOAKED BY NIGHT We're pretty sure, after watching Blade Aurach show off his new Night Shroud Cloak from the Tight Dirt Passageway (in the Temple of Tentacles) that it's his favorite new thing. Temple of Tentacles room 23729, temple
AGILITY FTW Goat likes the a latticed doeskin and chainsil ankle-cuff from Bloodriven Bowery. Why? "It's a cheap AGILITY enhancive in a slot that most people have open. Get that swing RT down." Bloodriven Bowery room 23754, building
FOREST LOVE Lunawyn was an early fan of the T4 Forest Armor from Autumnal Den, and LOVES it. "I have had a great time hunting with it. I already made it mine with the help of a kind seamstress, got it lightened, and it's literally getting even more wonderful by the day. I will wear it for many many levels." Autumnal Den room23743, entrance
UNARMED HEAVEN There's a set of kelyn boots and gloves for unarmed combat that is great for lower level monks (or non-monks UACing from the open) at Bare Aggression. Fyonn notes, "The knockdowns keep you alive while you're tiering up, and the speed of UAC means you'll have lots of chances to get them. At only 250 BS each, they're a bargain." Bare Aggression room 23756, hall
MOODY ARTIST A beautifully executed white on white canvas was left at the TownCrier headquarters, clearly making a statement about the creative potential and release found in the arts. Get your inner artist satisfied at A Moment in Time with an easel and all the gear you'll need to become a master painter! A Moment In Time room 23725, studio
WHISKEY CHASER "Empathic Focus is one of the coolest spells that can't be found," a shopper who didn't want to be named told this reporter. Look for it at Under the Counter in the clear whiskey, and hope he left some for the rest of us. This is spell number 1109, and helps both offensively and defensively. Look it up at: Under the Counter room 23810, establishment
BEST.RUNESTAFF.EVER Maylan's favorite is the a lacquered scrollworked illthorn runestaff (6x, 6x Acuity, T4 Nerve Staff) in the Old Farmhouse. She offers,"It's the best off-the-shelf runestaff in the game, offered at an attainable price for the average player." Old Farmhouse room 23722
CRAZY FOR QUILLS Obsalyn gives two thumbs up to the zoetic quill in Cacographic Critters mentioning it is very "good for roleplaying." Yes, they are a little animated and they write, too! Cacographic Critters room 23735, shed
FORESTED MOODS Obsalyn is another fan of the Forest Armor sold at Autumnal Glory. It's got great moves and sets wonderful moods. Autumnal Den room23743, entrance
LEGENDS BEGIN HERE Mobi's favorite purchase is a new Nerve Staff from the Old Farmhouse. It's got all the features every magic caster needs. Buy it now, use it forever! Old Farmhouse room 23722
MAGIC TO GO Whether for your emergency bag, to supplement a regular bounty, or for that added edge on a bandit patrol, there are some wonderful magic items that may not be available normally to your profession on crystals, items, and in drinks at Gamac's Goods, Kloake & Dagger, Spellbound, and Under the Counter. Under the Counter room 23810, establishment
TRY IT OUT Sometimes you just need just an extra edge, and the Oils at Duhn's Lab have that temporary extra Bane, Flare, Weighting that you need. Or maybe you want to try out that weighting before you pop for the Smithy. Duhn's Lab room 23727, solid door
GAME THE THINGS Get your game on at Gamac's with trick cards, a gambling wheel, and gambling kits. Some of the kits store silvers weightlessly, too. Gamac's Goods room 23817, shop
WRAP IT UP There's a nice collection of feature concealers at Veiled Purpose when you want to be extra mysterious. Veiled Purpose room 23744, pavilion
NERVE STAFF BANDWAGON The 6x/6x Nervestaff at the side yard of the Old Farmhouse has quite the following, there's a couple more anonymous fans giving it their vote for their fav purchase from the Bloodriven Village shops. The cost to benefit ratio fits most people's ideas of a winner! Old Farmhouse room 23722
VEIL OF INTRIGUE Phanna sings the praises of a long strip of obsidian brocade at Veiled Purposes. It is a really neat, inexpensive feature hiding headscarf that is also versatile with its description types. When worn, it hides age, hair, face, nose, unique mark, and unique line, adding: "The rest of her features are concealed by a jeweled tulle veil hanging from her obsidian brocade headscarf." It shows up in the visible inventory as a jeweled tulle veil. There is also a turban version, too! Veiled Purpose room 23744, pavilion
NERVE STAFF FAN CLUB Zyyen is adding his vote to the lacquered scrollworked illthorn runestaff for the best buy at Bloodriven Village. He says, "Awesome staff!" If I was tallying votes, and I'm not, the Nerve Staff would be a runaway winner. Spell users, dont miss them while you can get them! Old Farmhouse room 23722
WAVE OF LAST RESORT Nuadjha thinks the 20x/day wearable ewave trinkets are amazing. Get one from Spellbound and use it as a save-my-butt last resort, 20 times a day!" That's a pretty safe ... backside, Captain! Spellbound room 23806, space
FANA FLARES AND FLAIRS The a slender veil iron badelaire at Mist Opportunity, a 6x unbalance-flaring fully unlocked Fana falchion? Marijka exclaims enthusiastically, "Yes please!" A Mist Opportunity room 23739, dark shop
PERFECTION Rouste, from Plat, tells us, "As a woodsy ranger, the forest armor at Autumnal Den was perfect. I was missing cool armor and it's just the best possible complement." Now that's a perfect match, right? Autumnal Den room23743, entrance
LET ME COUNT THE WAYS Zephyrn is counting on his 6x/6x nerve staff from the Old Farmhouse to make his opponents fast work. He calls it, "One of the best things there!" Old Farmhouse room 23722
BRAVING ALL ADVENTURES Fulmen is stocking up on the bravery crystals from the back room at Gamac's Goods. There's 10 rubs in them, for only 20 bloodscrip. "If you have decent Magic Item training, they last quite a while for each rub." (45min at 70 ranks, for instance). Gamac's Goods room 23817, shop
COVER UP IN STYLE Don't overlook the already unlocked whisper cloaks at The Cover Up. Fulmen gives them two thumbs up, "They weigh 7lbs, hold 150lbs, are pretty fun, and have like a dozen verbs to play with!" Yes, one of them is whisper. Also, the less expensive ones are not unlocked. It's easier to get it altered than it is to get it unlocked, Just saying! The Cover Up room 23730, building
SANCTIFIED & UNARMED Kjellborn reports, "Sancted UAC stuff- especially better than 4x- is hard to come by. So it's nice to get this at Rock Solid." Rock Solid room 23822, wagon
DREAM COME TRUE The smithy is the clear highlight of the event for Sarmoya. "Being able to add more weighting to my weapon is like a dream come true!" Smithy room 26091
STAND IN STYLE Blooms is another fan of Fana weapons aat A Mist Opportunity. "If they suit your character, they're a really cool set of scripts to help your character stand out." A Mist Opportunity room 23739, dark shop
HIGH PRAISE If there's one purchase Losovo was after, it was the Mechanical Crossbows at Crosswinds and Crosshairs. He praises it: "The utility, the detail, and the style!" Crosswinds and Crosshairs room 23816, wagon