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a modest square grey linen tent, [Map Room 35], Lich# 26501, go grey tent

A Modest Square Grey Linen Tent

[A Modest Square Grey Linen Tent - 29314 - ( 8081655 )]
Pale ash poles lift the ceiling of the tent into four peaked corners, joined one to the other with slender framing beams, and are strung with webs of rough-spun twine between. A narrow table sits toward the rear of the space, occupied by a row of small apothecary jars and mounted at one end by a well-used ash branch perch. A mesh-domed cast iron brazier stands off to one corner, while a wide-lipped silver bowl cradled by a forked ash limb pedestal occupies the heart of the area. You also see a Veidae.
Obvious exits: out
>look at Veidae
You see Veidae the Seer of Gosaena.
They appear to be a Human.
They are very tall and have a slight, willowy frame.  They appear to have come of age.  They have dark kohl-lined icy blue eyes and smooth olive skin.  They have lustrous, feathery silver hair that trails over their shoulders and tapers to the small of their back.  They have a narrow face and high cheekbones.  A constellation of tiny moles lies scattered across their nose and cheeks.
They have some intricate white-inked tattoos composed of graceful lines stretching from wrist to elbow on each arm.
They are in good shape.
They are wearing a cord-strung silver sickle backed by a disc of green abalone, a pearl grey satin chasuble, some sleeveless pewter linen robes cinched with a series of thin silver belts, and a pair of grey suede sandals.

>ask Veidae about Caligos
You ask Veidae about Caligos.

"There is no salvation for this rock," Veidae murmurs, words softly spoken but ardent.  "It is poisoned beyond redemption."

>ask Veidae about death
You ask Veidae about death.

"Ah, Death," Veidae muses as they flex their hand, seeming to gaze idly at the white tattoos etched against their olive skin.  "She is the peace every soul craves yet knows not how to name."

>ask Veidae about Ghezresh
You ask Veidae about Ghezresh.

"Vile, unnatural thing," Veidae pronounce vehemently as something shifts in the depths of their icy blue eyes.  "He has been permitted to hinder souls for far too long."

>ask Veidae about Gosaena
You ask Veidae about Gosaena.

Veidae's eyes seem to brighten momentarily before they glance away from you, murmuring, "Death is a tender mistress.  Without judgment or scorn, She offers the sweetest oblivion."

>ask Veidae about Lorminstra
You ask Veidae about Lorminstra.

Veidae clasps their hands at their back as they offer a noncommittal hum.  "A capable enough shepherd, I suppose, for those not yet at the end of their journey."

>ask Veidae about Luukos
You ask Veidae about Luukos.

The seer makes a dark sound low in their throat before regarding you with a narrowed gaze.  "A snake that has one head too many," they utter in a deathly even tone.

>ask Veidae about species
You ask Veidae about the species.

The seer offers a brief smile.  "They can be found around the island, I'm told.  If you bring them to me, then I will bless them for you."

>ask Veidae about villagers
You ask Veidae about the villagers.

The muscles around Veidae's mouth tighten as they turn their eyes to gaze through the open tent flap.  "Too many souls have fought for death only to be trapped in the endless mire that infects this place," they say before softly adding, "It must end... soon."

On the narrow table you see: some lustrous grey satin armbands with white feather embroidery, a sterling silver locket ring etched with overlapping feathers, a miniature sterling silver sickle inlaid in green abalone, a featureless grey ash wood mask and a pale silver crescent dagger.

some lustrous grey satin armbands with white feather embroidery Weight: <1 pound 15,000
a sterling silver locket ring etched with overlapping feathers Weight: <1 pound 15,000
a miniature sterling silver sickle inlaid in green abalone Weight: <1 pound Perfume Holder
The silver sickle is a piece of perfume-holding jewelry that currently holds the scent of nightcap, white amber, and tobacco flower over orris root and soft resins. It may be altered with a long or a show, but must remain a piece of jewelry. The stoppered crystal vial will always remain on the piece. Please note that acceptable jewelry items are only items worn as pins, around the neck, on the arm (like a vambrace), or on the wrist. No back pendants, no anklets, no earrings.
a featureless grey ash wood mask Weight: <1 pound Whisper mask
analyze, examine
The mask can be altered with a long or a show, but long descriptions must be kept short. The noun should not change from "mask," as it covers the entire face.

PUT - places a gem in the eye socket of the mask

KNOCK - removes a gem from the eye socket of the mask
TILT - tilts the mask to reveal the opposite eye socket
A featureless grey ash wood mask is currently oriented to the left. Both of its eye sockets are empty.

a pale silver crescent dagger Weight: <1 pound
Enchant: +20
analyze, examine
You analyze the crescent dagger and sense that the creator has provided the following information:

At once serious and stern, the voice that tickles your ears seems to be three women speaking as one to you from the depths of the crescent dagger. "The path of Neutrality is a hard path, one that requires an understanding that all things must exist - each for their own purpose. Seek the Silence, the Laughter, or the Stern to know this path, and maybe one day we will open up to you."

You realize that due to your CONVERT status that you will never be able to fully utilize this crescent dagger.
The curved blade of this dagger is the perfect facsimile of a waning crescent moon, with its outer edge smooth and blunt, while the inner is subtly blued to darken the vultite and finely sharpened. At the base of the blade, the crossguard is a slender hand in profile, cradling the crescent on a tilted axis as one might imagine as celestial hand holding up the moon in offering. The grip is wrapped with suede in graduated shades of grey, lightening as they travel to a pommel inlaid with green abalone.


On the forked ash limb pedestal you see:
Containers [1]: a wide-lipped silver bowl

In the wide-lipped silver bowl you see:
Special [1]: some crystal clear water

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