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an airy black and white silk tent, [Map Room 28], Lich# 26535, go silk tent

Promise of Winter

[Promise of Winter - 29321 - ( 8081651 )]
Panels of black and white silk enclose the tent, loosely staked and left to ripple with the shifting air currents. Sunlight filters through the gaps between them to stripe the shaded interior with light. Wooden supports, sanded smooth but left unvarnished, frame a vaulted canopy hung with irregular droplets of frosted glass. To one side rests a long and narrow table, while a thin, opaque curtain partially screens a shaded corner opposite the entry. You also see a Brother Aoden.
Obvious exits: out
>look at Brother Aoden
You see Brother Aoden the Priest of Lorminstra.
He appears to be a Human.
He is average height and has a sturdy, broad-shouldered physique.  He appears to be in the prime of life.  He has green-flecked hazel eyes and dark olive skin.  He has moderately long, thick golden brown hair drawn back into a loose knot of springy curls at his nape.  He has a stubbly, square-jawed face, a prominent nose and a neatly trimmed mustache.
He is in good shape.
He is wearing a plain black wool mantle, a small golden key strung on a lengthy leather cord, a long black cotton tabard over a white linen cassock with voluminous sleeves, a twice-wrapped wide saffron silk sash, some loose black linen pants, and a pair of square-toed dark leather shoes.

>ask Aoden about caligos
You ask Brother Aoden about Caligos.

"This place, this island, it troubles me," Brother Aoden says, frowning.  "In echo of its bedraggled appearance, having been apparently heaved up from the sea floor, it is near-saturated with the malignant influence of the spirit that squats here like a bloated tick.  At the same time, I confess to a tremendous curiosity about the provenance of all this.  Why here, and why now?  It is a question for the ages, perhaps."

>ask Aoden about baubles
You ask Brother Aoden about something.

"You know..." Brother Aoden trails off with a thoughtful expression.  "I'm really not sure about that, actually," he concludes with a sheepish grin.  "But, I do know about Baubles, Caligos, Death, Ghezresh, Ghosts, Gosaena, Lorminstra, Luukos, Species, or Warnings."

>ask Aoden about death
You ask Brother Aoden about death.

"Death comes for us all, whether at the edge of a sword or at peace in our beds," Brother Aoden says, spreading his hands wide.  "By the grace of Lorminstra, Keeper of the Ebon Gate, we pass into oblivion or may return to strive anew.  The greatest tragedy is the soul ensnared and diverted from this path."

>ask Aoden about ghezresh
You ask Brother Aoden about Ghezresh.

Casting a wary glance at the drifting mist beyond the tent panels, Brother Aoden leans closer and lowers his voice in reply,  "Even an upstart with grand delusions can wreak havoc if not kept in check.  This malevolent sea spirit must not be permitted to spread its oppressive influence far."

>ask Aoden about ghost
You ask Brother Aoden about the ghost.

Brother Aoden's eyes squeeze shut and he looks pained.  "Poor souls," he sighs.  "Entrapped and enthralled... they need to be unshackled from this sea spirit's subjugation so the Gatekeeper can shepherd them to rest or rebirth."

>ask Aoden about gosaena
You ask Brother Aoden about Gosaena.

Brother Aoden bows his head and is quiet for a long moment.  Finally, he says, "Hers is the silence beyond the Ebon Gate, the final oblivion. Who among the living can truly know her?  None who pass through my Lady's gate return."  His brows knit together, his expression one of troubled sympathy.

>ask Aoden about himself
You ask Brother Aoden about himself.

Brother Aoden gives you a startled look.  "Me?" he asks, clearly surprised.  "My name is Aoden.  I'm just a humble priest," he demurs.  "I've spent the last decade in Connedale honoring my vows to the Gatekeeper.  Before that..."  He trails off with a subtle wince.  "Well, it doesn't bear talking about.  Suffice it to say I have much to atone for, and I hope my work here does some lasting good."

>ask Aoden about lorminstra
You ask Brother Aoden about Lorminstra.

"Ah," Brother Aoden breathes, his smile growing into a beatific grin.  "She is our Lady of Endings and New Beginnings, the Keeper of the Ebon Gate.  She is the great Arbiter, chooser of those who will pass through into the embrace of silence, and those who will be reborn.  She is freedom and reprieve, a gentle kiss goodnight or cool water for the parched.  She is Deliverance."

>ask Aoden about luukos
You ask Brother Aoden about Luukos.

Brother Aoden does not attempt to disguise his grimace of distaste.  "Names have power," he advises with a frown.  "Do not use that one here.  The Serpent lies and cheats, stealing away what does not belong to him.  His maw is endless, his hunger can never be sated, and his power is a prison."  With a shudder, he concludes firmly, "All souls deserve better than to be enslaved to one such as he."

>ask Aoden about species
You ask Brother Aoden about the species.

"These coins, my friend," Brother Aoden explains with a grin that verges on conspiratorial, "are the lights that will deliver the restless souls trapped on Caligos Isle from their prison.   When next you cross the path of a ghost here, just FLIP the blessed species to the poor soul and the blessing will be conferred, bringing them one step closer to the Ebon Gate, and freedom."

>ask Aoden about warning
You ask Brother Aoden about the warnings.

Tendrils of concern mar his features as he responds to you, "At this point, I think we have all heard the warning.  The Lady Niima has always been rumored to be the rescuers of those at sea and I doubt not that she has chosen this method of warning to skirt around the issue of defying her father.  She is kind to have done so."

On the long and narrow table you see: a smooth black banded onyx flask, a pale frosted glass mask webbed with gold, a shard of gold-flecked onyx, a cord-strung gold filigree key and a slender silver-white sgian achlais with a black horn hilt.

a smooth black banded onyx flask Weight: <1 pound
analyze, imbed
This is intended to be a white flask of some kind.

6 charges
drink/pour activated

a pale frosted glass mask webbed with gold Weight: <1 pound pin-worn
analyze, examine
The mask can be altered with a long or a show, but long descriptions must be kept short. The noun should not change from "mask," as it covers the entire face.

PUT - places a gem in the eye socket of the mask

KNOCK - removes a gem from the eye socket of the mask
TILT - tilts the mask to reveal the opposite eye socket
A pale frosted glass mask webbed with gold is currently oriented to the left. Both of its eye sockets are empty.

a shard of gold-flecked onyx Weight: <1 pound 3,000
a cord-strung gold filigree key Weight: <1 pound neck-worn
Crystal Holder
analyze, examine
* 15/15/15 alterations only.
  • Must remain sufficiently sized to hold a setting for a crystal.

The gold filigree key has a special socket for crystal beads currently.
The gold filigree key has a single, empty setting.

a slender silver-white sgian achlais with a black horn hilt Weight: <1 pound
Enchant: +20
You analyze the vultite sgian achlais and sense that the creator has provided the following information:

The softest of whispers tickles your ears, and you feel as though the vultite sgian achlais is trying to communicate with you. "I'm sorry, " it says, "but I can not allow you to use this blade. However, if you seek out the path of light and right, then perhaps one day I can aid you."

You realize that due to your CONVERT status that you will never be able to fully utilize this vultite sgian achlais.


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