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Type System
System Combat

The CMAN verb has several uses related to various combat maneuvers. It can be used to display available combat maneuver points, display a list of available combat maneuvers, use the points to train in the combat maneuvers, display information about the individual combat maneuvers, and use a specific combat maneuver. Combat Maneuvers is an extensive system and this verb is a very extensive verb to complement the system adequately.


Note: This menu is available by typing CMAN by itself.

USAGE: CMAN {maneuver} {target} or
       CMAN [option] {args}

  LIST [availability] [type] [category] [subcategory] [WINDOW]
    [availability]          - PROFESSION (default), ALL, AVAILABLE, KNOWN, or any profession
    [type]                  - ALL (default), AOE, ATTACK, BUFF, CONCENTRATION, MARTIALSTANCE, PASSIVE, SETUP
    [category]              - ALL (default), ROGUEGUILD, WARRIORGUILD
    [subcategory]           - ALL (default)
    [WINDOW]                - Show the list in a popup window.

  LEARN {maneuver}          - Spend Combat Maneuver Training Points for maneuvers
  UNLEARN {maneuver}        - Unlearn maneuvers known to you for Combat Maneuver Training Points
  INFO                      - Displays your current maneuver training info
  FORCERT                   - Toggles requiring FORCERT during roundtime (currently: ON)
  HELP {maneuver}           - List information about the selected maneuver
  WIKI {maneuver}           - Show Wiki output for the selected maneuver
  WIKILIST                  - Show Wiki list output for maneuvers

Note: {maneuver} references above require use of the maneuver mnemonic.



CMAN LIST allows a player to see a full list of cmans available to them, and can further break it down by: profession, all, available, known, type, category, or subcategory, if there is any.


CMAN LEARN is the command used to learn a maneuver at the expense of earned cman training points.


CMAN UNLEARN is the command used to unlearn a maneuver in order to gain earned cman training points back.


CMAN INFO displays the current cman training info, including how many ranks in each trained maneuver, and how many points are available to spend.


CMAN HELP (maneuver lists information about the specified maneuver.


CMAN WIKI (maneuver) displays output that can be copy/pasted to the wiki in order to update the pages for that maneuver.

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