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Type System
Demeanor-based No
Wedding No
Profession Paladin
System Combat
Player System Manager

ARMOR is a system verb that is part of the Player System Manager for Armor Specializations. It is only available to Warriors, Rogues, and Paladins.


Note: This populates with ARMOR only.

USAGE: ARMOR {specialization} {target} or
       ARMOR [option] {args}

  LEARN {specialization}    - Spend Armor specialization Training Points for specializations
  UNLEARN {specialization}  - Unlearn specializations known to you for Armor specialization Training Points
  LIST {type} [extra]       - List specializations by type
                            - {type} can be ALL, 
                            - Any profession (or PROFESSION itself) may be included at the end
  INFO                      - Displays your current specialization training info
  HELP {specialization}     - List information about the selected specialization
  WIKI {specialization}     - Show Wiki output for the selected specialization
  WIKILIST                  - Show Wiki list output for specializations

Note: {specialization} references above require use of the specialization mnemonic.



Certain armor specializations are used to provide a temporary buffs or passive enhancements to worn armor. These enhancements can be applied to others, as well, and is dependent on skill. For more information on which professions can provide which buffs and what they do, please see the armor specializations category page.


Note: Messaging will be similar between specializations, however the below example focuses on ARMOR SUPPORT and ARMOR REINFORCEMENT.

Target Type First Second Third
Self Support You adjust your black rolaren platemail, improving its ability to support the weight of your gear.
Roundtime: 5 sec.
N/A Person adjusts her black rolaren platemail, improving its ability to support the weight of her gear.
Person Reinforcement You adjust Target's full leather, reinforcing weak spots.
Roundtime: 5 sec.
Person adjusts your full leather, reinforcing weak spots. This section has not been added yet; please add to it now!
Self Enhancement Wearing Off Your double leather shifts out of place and feels much less comfortable than before. N/A This section has not been added yet; please add to it now!


ARMOR LEARN {specialization} will place armor skill points into an armor skill. This requires a skill to be specified and confirmation to learn.


ARMOR UNLEARN {specialization} works in a similar manner to ARMOR LEARN, however it is used to unlearn armor skills and regain armor skill points to place elsewhere.


ARMOR LIST, by default, displays armor specializations trained in or available to be trained in by the user. This will vary based on user's profession. Additional options allow the user to view based on type, alternate profession, or view all.

Person, the following Armor Specializations are available:

  Skill                Mnemonic        Ranks Type           Category        Subcategory
  Armor Blessing       blessing        0/5   Buff                                           
  Armor Spike Mastery  spikemastery    0/2   Passive                                        
  Armor Support        support         5/5   Buff                                           
  Armored Casting      casting         0/5   Buff                                           
  Armored Fluidity     fluidity        0/5   Buff                                           

The output listed above was generated based on the following filters:
  Availability: profession
          Type: all
      Category: all
   Subcategory: all


ARMOR INFO will display the user's current specialization information, including available points.

Person, your Armor Specializations are as follows:

  Skill                Mnemonic        Ranks Type           Category        Subcategory
  Armor Support        support         5/5   Buff                                           

Available Armor Specializations Points: 50


ARMOR HELP {specialization} will list important information regarding the various skills available, including type, expected roundtime, availability, and rank cost. For a more detailed breakdown of each, please see Armor Specializations.


ARMOR WIKI {specialization} outputs the code necessary to update the main information for the specialization. ARMOR WIKILIST outputs the code for the templated list that is used on the Armor Specializations category page.

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