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2018 Inventory

a small rickety yellow tent, Lich #XXXXX, go tent

[Junk or Gem]
The shop appears to have been ransacked, or perhaps the owner just does not care what anyone thinks of his shop, as it seem almost everything has been left strewn about where it was left to lay. There is a small rickety table in one corner and a large glass display case. You also see a black cat.
Obvious exits: west

In the small rickety table you see:

a dark vultite spikestar with a number of thin spikes morning star +20 enchant 63500
a sharpened vultite tomahawk with a feathers trailing from the hilt handaxe 96000
a double-edged vultite tachi with a carved bone hilt longsword 105000
a serrated vultite knife with an onyx hilt dagger 22250

In the large glass display case you see:

a gaudy gold ring set with a large pink diamond Thurfel's Ward finger-worn
a small amethyst lizard figurine holding a twig in its mouth Natural Colors 4500
a human banker figurine holding a small sack of coins Prayer of Protection 12000
a large silver disk-shaped amulet Floating Disk neck-worn
a silver fox pendant with a long fluffy tail Elemental Defense II neck-worn
a small golden koi figurine with a wide open mouth Elemental Defense I 7500
a long copper wand capped with an emerald cloud Stun Cloud 4500