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Carving knives were first made available at Ebon Gate 2015 as an extra part of pumpkin bobbing. Different knives were sold off the shelf and were used to carve jack-o-lanterns out of pumpkins using various designs. Once the jack-o-lantern was carved and placed in an eligible location, a talisman was created that housed a spirit which haunted the wearer and offered the custom postname title "the Haunted" (only available during Ebon Gate).



The creator has also provided the following information:
You can tell just by analyzing the knife that it was crafted specifically for carving Feywrot Mire pumpkins.  Any merchant can alter the knife's aesthetics, though the noun must remain either "dagger" or "knife."

Currently, carving pumpkins from the Feywrot Mire Pumpkin Patch with your knife will produce:
     Base:  (pumpkin article),(pumpkin adjective),jack-o'-lantern
     Long:  (base) + topped with a stout stem
     Show:   [PMPKN COLOR], the jack-o'-lantern is carved from a/an [PMPKN SIZE], [PMPKN SHAPE] pumpkin.  Set into the squash are two perfectly round eyes and a huge, toothy grin.  Despite the smiling facade, there is something haunted in the pumpkin's expression. + A stout stem tops the [CARVING QUALITY], with the name, [CARVER'S NAME], [LETTERING STYLE].
     Lettering Style:  scrawled in blocky letters

The carving's show and the area of the long after the noun can be modified by a merchant, but it can only ever produce carving-related designs.  The custom part of the long wording is limited to 8 words maximum.  If you want the pumpkin's coloring included in the design wording, the phrasing must make sense for both of the following: "orange" and "discolored from rot."

  The size, shape, and color of the pumpkin depends on the pumpkin.
  The quality of the carving is dependent on your luck at the time.
  The lettering style can be changed by a merchant -- one style per knife.

You can PUSH, TWIST, and WAVE the knife for kicks.  This knife has one carving configuration currently available.  Some merchants can add up to three more.


Verb First Third
PUSH You push your fingers around your knife's hilt, gripping it tightly. XXX grips her carving knife tightly.
TWIST You twist your carving knife through the air, as if you are gutting an invisible foe. XXX twists her carving knife through the air, as if she is gutting an invisible foe.
WAVE You slice your carving knife violently through the air, brandishing it at no one in particular. XXX slices her carving knife violently through the air, brandishing it at no one in particular.



An excellent reminder of the carved pumpkin (along with the spirit previously attached to it) that you placed down in Feywrot Mire in 5115, you discern that you can WEAR, REMOVE, RUB, and LISTEN to your aged bone talisman.

You also get the distinct impression that no merchant can alter your talisman.


Verb First Third
Messaging varies during Ebon Gate.
WEAR As you affix your aged bone talisman to your chest, a ghostly figure briefly materializes, gazing at you intently before fading away. As XXX affixes her aged bone talisman to her chest, her visage briefly takes on a ghastly, haunted quality.
REMOVE As you remove your your aged bone talisman, an inexplicable sense of relief floods through you. As XXX affixes her aged bone talisman to her chest, her expression is one of relief.
LISTEN You stare at your aged bone talisman, listening intently as howls and screams from a single disembodied voice fill your mind. XXX stares intently at her talisman with a haunted expression.
RUB You slide one finger along the edge of your aged bone talisman, and it shudders violently, as if something is trapped inside but can't get out. As XXX slides one finger along the edge of her aged bone talisman, it shudders violently, as if something is trapped inside of it but can't get out.
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Carving knife Information
Type Fluff
Item Classification Miscellaneous
Item(s) Applied to Knife
Alterable Yes
Light/Deep No
Feature(s) Altered Pumpkin long
Pumpkin show
Lettering style
Customizable Yes
Original Release Venue Ebon Gate 2015
Restrictions Knife: See Analyze
No alters on talisman.
Item Verbs