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Adventures in Ta'Illistim are GM-Led and GM NPC related mini stories or one time events that happen in or around Ta'Illistim. These events are not usually affiliated with any longterm or named storylines, but could be.


The Sweet Smell of Success

Braesella has always prided herself on her skill and her creativity in the bakery but lately she has heard her goods called bland and uncreative. Business has not been good. Her son, Rhalyif suggested that she look for new flavor combinations and local sources for fresh ingredients. Rhalyif went about town to ask people what they thought about his mom's baked goods. Another time he asked people to share locally foraged items that they felt would be great in recipes. A contest was held to gather new recipes. This took place July 2023 - September 2023.

The Museum Closes for Repairs

In August of 2023, riots broke out in Ta'Illistim as part of the Nations on the Brink world storyline. One of the museum windows was damaged during the event and the museum was closed for repairs.

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