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This storyline ran from 1995-2004 and included NPCs such as Holswort, Lerep Hochstib, Maldon Wellesbourne, Delphurnia Hochstib and others with artifacts like the Mandis Crystal and culmination during the War of Nations storyline in 2004. It largely introduced the Empire to the game, which was greatly expanded to be a primary source of lore for the game.

Counter-Claims and Expansionism

Torture, Prisoners and Records of punishment

An Order formed

Holswort Niffleheim, Messenger of indecency

Enemy surveillance, touring the Landings defense

From the horses mouth, an Interview with Baron Lerep Hochstib

Spike and Holes

Two Barons

Murder in Vornavis! The Empress is dead

War from the village!

Jantalar occupies Wehnimer's Landing

Icemule attacked. War at the gates!

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