Mandis Crystal

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The Mandis Crystal was an artifact in the possession of the Turamzzyrian Empire which had the ability to absorb all mana within a certain region.


There were numerous Mandis Crystals, but they first gained notoriety when the Baron of Jantalar, Lerep Hochstib, requested them from Empress Mynal'lyanna Anodheles for use in his invasion of Mestanir. Mestanir was home to many magical users, who were successfully holding off the Jantalarans. The Empress, perhaps persuaded by the lack of nobility and racial open mindedness of Mestanir, acquiesced to the request. With the use of the Mandis Crystals, Hochstib conquered Mestanir, and sought to conquer the outpost of Wehnimer's Landing.

The Mandis Crystals, however, were not immune to physical attack, and were Hochstib's Achilles heel. Adventurers, supported by Vornavis, on separate occasions lead successful expeditions to destroy them. It was not known after their destruction, if the Empire possessed any others.


After the destruction of the Mandis Crystal, only shards remained.

Pale veins are still faintly visible within this piece of dull grey crystal.